Add a custom logo to these new ChillRocks for a super cool business gift

custom logo intelligent ice chillrocks cool beverage without diluting flavorIntelligent ice ChillRocks is the revolutionary way to chill, serve and brand drinks. Cold as ice, safer, more attractive and re-usable. The frozen ice like cube works perfectly with tumbler drinks. Snaps onto it’s clip and is held in place so that it doesn’t float to the top. Your logo is prominently displayed on the clip.  Hygienic and reusable it won’t affect the flavor at all. The shimmering cube keeps spirits at the perfect cold temperature, without compromising the taste. Makes an excellent event give away for the food and beverage industry.  Click here for more information.

Your logo will get maximum exposure with this promotional Gel iPhone case

promotional iPhone snartphone gel case with custom color logo
As low as $1.59 each

These days, we all seem to be glued to our smartphones.  A great way to ensure that your brand gets incredible exposure is with an iPhone or smartphone case that can be customized with your brand logo and marketing message.  This gel case  Comes in a variety of translucent colors and is an affordable option at under $2.00.  You should also check out these smartphone cases that allow full color printing. Custom branded smartphone cases are Perfect for trade show and event giveaways, mailers, incentives, promotions, marketing, business gifts, leave behinds and more.

Comes in a variety of colors.

Jot down your best ideas on this promotional napkin notebook.

customize this napkin notebook for promotions and marketing with your logoSome of the biggest ideas in the world start as a little sketch on a cocktail napkin. With this napkin notebook, you’ve got room for 10 paradigm shattering ideas. It’s the perfect gift for any thinker, artist, designer, inventor or visionary. In other words, anyone who’s ever had an idea good enough to write down!  Options: Custom full color belly bands. Napkin  imprinting. Insert a pen for added impact and additional branding opportunities.

Add your logo to this Brainstring puzzle for a clever business gift

Company logo on Brainstring string ball puzzle

The award-winning Brainstring puzzle will tie your brain in knots! Try to get all the same colors on one side…it’s not easy.  The executive quality toy makes an excellent business gift for any occasion. To play, move the colorful tips to different sides which tangles the strings. Once you’ve got it good and twisted, you must move each color tip back to its own side. It looks simple but it’s very challenging and a lot of fun!   Add a logo and tie it into a marketing message such as “Solving your (insert idea) problems” or “When you need (insert idea) solutions” and you’ve got a very clever marketing campaign.  Click here for more information.

iPhone megaphone speaker rocks your tunes and your logo

Portable silicone mini speaker amplifies the sound from your iPhone


This amazing portable silicone mini speaker amplifies the sound from your iPhone by up to 15dbs (feels like 2-3 times as loud) without any batteries.  It uses old fashioned horn or megaphone technology.  Holds iPhone vertically, horizontally, and has an opening reserved for a charger.  It also works well in hands-free mode.  Work this fun accessory into a marketing message such as:  “We never miss a beat” or “Amplify your (insert idea here)”.  Click here to view additional product information.

At Brand Spirit, we can help you put together a complete marketing campaign…from producing your custom branded product to print materials, custom packaging, kitting, variable data and direct mail.  We can even help you track detailed performance with tailored solutions such as PURLs (personalized URLs).  Give us a call at 877-804-7906 and let us know how we can help you produce and successful and memorable campaign.

Promote your company with beer or soda can-shaped double wall travel mug

Double wall stainless mug can keep the liquid cold or hot for several hours – AS LOW AS $7.44

With custom double wall travel mug – give your brand a boost without compromising on budget! 

Can shaped travel mugs are a promotional match made in heaven for producers of beer, soda and any other beverage that is packaged in aluminum cans.  Or any company from any industry can tie them into a marketing message such as “Thirsting for more (insert idea here)” or “Quenching your thirst for (insert idea here)”.

The promotional double wall mug is every traveler’s companion

These convenient beverage containers are excellent business gifts and can be use for sales, marketing, retail and promotional purposes.  This double wall stainless soda can keeps the liquid cold/ hot for several hours. the outside wall does not get hot or cold for comfort carry and it’s also equipped with a spill proof lid and is BPA free.

Click here for more information.