New drinkware trend: Logo Customized Glass water bottles & beverage containers

logo customized glass water bottles unique trending drinkware promotional item usa
With a classic, straight-line design and secure, snap-tight lid, this glass water bottle won’t retain odors, stains or taste – AS LOW AS $7.49

Logo Customized glass water bottles is a trending drinkware promotional product. Another in the line is the promotional glass bottle for hot and cold beverage. A bulk order for these water bottles are delivered within 5 working days with your business logo imprinted on them.

bulk unique high quality glass water bottles with logo personalization wholesale beverage container for branding on sale
Perfect for toting non-sparkling beverages; the glass bottle offers a pure taste with no metal or plastic leaching – AS LOW AS $6.99

One of the hot new trends in on-the-go drinkware is glass. Glass is a great alternative to aluminum, stainless steel or plastic for many reasons.  It’s stain and odor resistant, doesn’t change the flavor of your beverage, it’s eco-friendly and many are dishwasher safe such as this Tioga Glass Water Bottle.  Logo’s really pop on clear glass as well.

You’ll garner much love if you give these away at your next event or as a business gift.  Clear here to view a partial list of styles and information.

This personalized sport water bottles are also chemical free, BPA free and nontoxic and is available in 4 colors. Glass is easily recycled, making this bottles an earth friendly product.

Contact us directly for a complete list of available styles.

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  1. I love these types of water bottles , is there any way i can get hold of one in the Uk ?

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