KeyZee Key Ring Tool – a Nail-Saving Promotional Item

branded promotional
KeyZee with custom branded logo – as low as $.99 each.  Click image for product info.

Opening a key ring can now be a simple task with the the promotional KeyZee key ring opener tool.  No more cracked or broken finger nails.  Just place the pointed tip into the opening of the keyring and push…and watch the key ring open…easy as pie.

The KeyZee is made in the USA and really packs in a lot of promotional value for just around $1. Your logo is printed 1-4 colors for no extra cost.  The KeyZee keychain opener is meant to stay attached to the key ring so that is ready to be used each time someone needs to add or remove a key.  It’s an excellent giveaway idea for use as client gifts, handouts at trade shows, direct mail promotions and more.  Everyone has keys, so consider giving away the affordable KeyZee as your next promotional product or client gift.

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Promotional Toss ‘N Splat balls will bring out the kid in you

toss n splat promotional logo braded ball
Custom-branded Toss ‘N Splat Amoeba Ball – as low as $2.00 each
Blobz ball with custom imprinted logo – as low as $2.45 each

We are always on the lookout for fun promotional items because let’s face it, we are all big kids at heart.  This gel-filled Toss ‘N Splat Amoeba Ball may look like an ordinary ball….but when you throw it against a window….it flattens out like a pancake (or an amoeba depending on how you look at it).  But then like magic, it morphs right back into a ball like nothing ever happened.

How’d they do that?  Well, that question I can answer for you.  But I can tell you that they are available in the color red, blue, green a blue and can be imprinted with a one-color logo.  Your logo even remains visible the ball is flattened out.

These splatterific balls are perfect for trade shows, direct mail, events, giveaways, prizes, creative marketing, swag, etc. – but not intended for children under 3 (just adult children).

Click here for additional product information  Also check out the Blobz ball.

Promote health and fitness with custom imprinted exercise bands

fitness resistance bands with logo imprinted
promotional exercise resistance bands – as low as $3.35 each

Physical activity is an essential component to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Businesses can promote a healthy living AND gain new business with these custom printed exercise resistance bands. We especially like this style because the center panel offers ample imprint area of 2″W x 1/2″H, giving your logo maximum visibility.

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Here’s a step-by-step outline for how to use these fitness resistance bands as promotional vehicles to win new business: 

  1. Put together a mailing list of key prospects.
  2. Create a printed marketing piece that ties in the exercise bands to your company offerings such as “Strengthen your bottom line with….”  or “Build your marketing muscle with….” or “It’s time to get in shape with…” .  You get the idea right?  The possibilities are endless.  Don’t forget to add a “call to action” such as: how to sign up for a demo of your service, how to book an appointment, a limited-time discount offer, etc.
  3. Order your custom printed promotional exercise bands.
  4. Put the marketing mailer together and ship out to a handful of prospects each day so that follow up is manageable and can take place in a timely fashion.
  5. Have your sales people follow up on your mailer 2-3 days after it has arrived.  Sales people should start the conversation off by asking the prospect if they received the package.  This is a great way to begin with a warm intro….which leads into a great conversation, more booked appointments and more business!

Its a gem of an exercise band!

Whether you are in a marketing role for a healthcare company, a financial services business, a consulting firm or any other industry, these fitness resistance bands can be a fantastic promotional vehicle to win new business.  At Brand Spirit, we are always happy to help with creative suggestions for your next promotional marketing campaign and are just a phone call or email away.

Custom imprinted gel cold packs – a medical supply item with branding power

round promotional logo gel cold pack
Oval or round shaped cold pack – as low as $1.13 each

Instant cold packs with ice gel in many different colors and shapes for a successful health and sports promotion

Doctors, nurses and other heath care practitioners can now provide patients with cooling relief utilizing cold gel packs with a custom imprinted logo.  These chill patches provide a nice large imprint area for branding a company logo.  Since most patients tend to keep the packs in their freezer after they return home, your brand will continue to be exposed to the patient long after the office visit.

Make progress with the personalized cooling gel packs

Cooling gel patches are the perfect branding vehicle for a wide variety of doctors offices and hospitals including: plastic surgeons, medical spas, sports medicine, physical therapy, family practice, clinics and much more.  Click here to view additional product information.

You may also want check out some of the other fun gel pack shapes such as the flower chill patch, the star chill pack, the cloud shaped cold pack, the lip shaped cold packs and the sports shaped chill patches.

Connect with customers via Connect-a-Deck custom branded playing cards

connect a deck custom playing cards
Connect-a-Deck playing cards with custom imprint – as low as $4.80 each. Click image for product info.


Marketers are always on the lookout for different methods to connect with prospects and customers.  These Connect-A-Deck cards offer a unique opportunity to convey your brand message in a truly fun way.  For example, your brand message may be “bridge the gap”, “build relationships”, “connect with prospects” or any other brand message that can be built on the “bridge, build, link or connect” keywords.

These connect-a-deck playing cards offer an easy, relaxing break at the office.  The cutout grooves in the cards gives people the ability use their imaginations to create and build quite a wide variety of structures.  Of course people will want to show off their creations to their colleagues, offering ongoing, repeat exposure for your brand.  And who wouldn’t want to have their brand associated with fun right?

There are a couple of branding options.  If you need a smaller quantity of 50 decks or more, the one-color hot stamped Connect-a-Deck cards would be a good option.  If you would like to get a bit more fancy with your branding (and need at least 800 decks), the full color Connect-a-Deck litho playing cards would be your best bet.

Microfiber cleaning cloth with double-sided printing in full color

microfiber cleaning cloth double sided printing
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth with Double Sided Imprint – as low as $.90 each. Click image for product info.

One of the best-selling promotional products available today are the super-smooth, microfiber cleaning cloths.  It’s one of those products that can be used on a daily basis to clean smartphones, laptops, tablets, glasses, camera lenses, sunglasses and more.  Plus businesses get maximum branding impact from the large, 5″ x 5″, full-color imprint area.

With this particular cleaning cloth, both sides can be imprinted in full color.  They can also be ordered with a clear vinyl pouch for easy storage and transportation.  Some of the best promotional uses for custom branded microfiber cleaning cloths include: trade show giveaways, direct mail promotions, sales-call leave behinds, on-pack promotions at retail and more.  Click here for full product information..

Your logo lights up with this portable phone charger

light up logo portable charger 2
Square power charge with light-up logo – as low as $46.67 each. Click image for product info.

Look no further than this square power charger that lights up with your logo for a useful, promotional business gift.  If you’ve ever experienced a shortage of energy while on the road, traveling, or at a trade show, you’ll quickly understand why this powerful device can come in quite handy. This particular energy square can charge an iPhone more than 3x!

Logo customized promotional phone charger – Unique technology gift for branding, a powerbank with indicator and light up company logo!

Priced in the $50 range, it offers businesses the ability to give a high-end gift which can be used with pretty much any portable device that the recipient may have.  And of course it’s pretty cool to see your logo light up when the charger in use.  When you want to know how much energy is remaining, just give it a shake and the remaining energy percentage will appear.  To connect the charger to your iPhone, Droid, iPad, iPod or other type of smartphone or tablet, you have the option to use the cable that came with your device or you can also use the included cable and adapter set.

As mentioned in a previous post, branded power chargers are a a trending business gift for 2013.  Once you have one, you’ll never want to leave home without it.  Click here for product ordering information.