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Over the last year we’ve attended quite a few trade shows and events…along the way, trading business cards with quite a few people.  Without fail, each time someone receives one of our cards, they comment on how unique they are and would like to know where we got them.  The intrigue that these cards created speaks to the fact that businesses have an easy opportunity to leave a lasting impression with something as relatively simple as a business card.

The quality of the cards you choose,  along with the time and effort that goes into designing a noteworthy card is definitely worth it’s weight in branding gold.

For our business cards, we used a company called  We went with the silk cards which turned out to be even cooler than we had initially anticipated.  The best way to describe the “silk” part is that it is a silky smooth coating that allows the fingers to glide over the cards, leaving a nice feeling on the fingertips.  This coating also inadvertently creates a waterproof shield, yet one can still easily write a handwritten note on the card if needed.  These silk cards are created using a heavy 16pt card stock, which also helps to give them a high-quality feel.  Last but not least, we went with the painted edges.  This extra little detail really catapulted the design off to another level.  Since the card stock is thick, the colored edges really pop.

For some business card design inspiration, check out the business card gallery which showcases some of the coolest business card designs from customers.

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