Custom 3D Water Globes & Snow Globes

Custom 4" snow globe
Custom 3″, 4″ or 5″ water globes. As low as $5.32 each. Click image for product info.

The custom 3D snow globe – A business gift that could make a difference

Custom snow globes and water globes are great ideas for commemorating events, business gifts and holiday gifts for clients or employees.

These well-crafted water globes are made of poly resin which gives it a nice quality look and a heavy weight.  They can be made in 3″, 4″ and 5″ diameter sizes.

The piece inside is completely custom sculpted to your art specifications.  The base can be made with poly resin, plastic or even wood if desired.  They can also be filled with snow, glitter and just about any other type of particles that you wish to rain down on your sculpture when the snow globe is shaken.

Make your next business gift one that is remembered for years to come with a beautiful custom snow dome.

custom snow globe 2
Custom water globe – as low as $5.32 each. Click image for product info.

Turn your logo into custom molded plastic paper clips

custom paperclips
Custom molded plastic paperclips – as low as $.52. Click image for info.

These custom molded plastic paper clips will not only make papers stick together, but will make your branding stick around as well.  With a product size of around 1.5″ diameter, there is plenty of room for a simple logo to really stand out.

Talk about making a great impression!  You can even add a custom imprint to the molded logo paperclip.

There are plenty of potential uses such as:  press kits, sales kits, sending legal paperwork, contracts, proposals, direct mail marketing and much more.

Custom printed ceramic white bathtub caddy holds paperclips (and very tiny people)

custom bath tub caddy
White mini ceramic bath tub caddy with custom imprint – as low as $6.49 each. Click image for info.

This 7 1/4″ W x 2 1/2″ H little white ceramic bath tub is a terrific promotional product for themed-marketing promotions related to keywords such as “clean,” “bath,” and “relax”.  Also a great marketing piece for bathtub manufacturers/resellers and home improvement contractors.

Your clients and prospects will find it useful as a caddy to hold paperclips, tacks, candy or perhaps even use it as a dish to hold condiments.

These mini bathtubs Can be ordered in a matt or gloss finish and include imprinting your logo.  Click here to view product info.

Put your logo where the sun shines with custom pinhole sunglasses

personalized pinhole sunglasses with logo - cool custom gifts for marketing
Custom sunglasses with pin hole logos on lens – as low as $1.73 each. Click image for info.

Known as one of the coolest promotional gifts for summer & music events – The Custom Printed Pinhole Sunglasses

Make your branding really stand out this summer (or pretty much any other season of the year) with these custom pinhole sunglasses. You can customize the lenses with your one-way logo or message. Customize even further by imprinting on frame – great for adding sponsor logos or event messaging.  You can even have them transition into fun evening spectacles with new glow in the dark frame colors such as blue, yellow and green.

black pinhole logo lens sunglasses - cool fashionable promotional items for business tradeshow giveaways
Custom pinhole lens billboard sunglasses – as low as $2.10 each. Click image for info.

Order this stylish pinhole sunglasses with a personalized logo on it. Put your logo on the glass and print a message on the frame.

If you need something a bit simpler, these basic black pinhole logo billboard sunglasses offer an inexpensive alternative.  Print your logo on one lens, in one color and get them shipped within just 48 hours!

Custom pinhole logo sunglasses are perfect for outdoor events, fun on the beach, charity fundraisers, trade shows, company picnics, promotional giveaways, sports events and more.

Rock your brand with these Logo Earbuds & customized presentation boxes

promotional ear buds with large imprint area
Custom logo earbuds with custom printed packaging – as low as $3.72 each. Click image for info.

With ever-increasing use of mobile devices in our lives, everyone always seems to be able to use an extra pair earbuds.  This is why these necessary tech accessories have become popular promotional products in the last couple of years.  However, most inexpensive promotional earbud styles usually only offer a very small imprint area on the ear piece itself.  We love the larger imprint area that these custom promotional logo earbuds offer (1/4″ x 9/16″) which allows your brand to really stand out.

And what sets these particular earbuds apart even further is the ability to customize the front of the packaging sleeve as well as feature your customized ear buds on the back of the package.  One cannot ask for a much better branding opportunity than this.

These logo ear buds  make awesome giveaways at trade shows, events, conventions, concerts, gift bags, incentives, prizes, business gifts and much more.  Click here for additional product information.

New Custom Branded Portable USB Power Chargers for Smartphones

Custom branded USB power charger – as low as $14.18 each. Click image for info


Branded USB power charger with logo
Output DC5V-500mAh/Input 5V-500mAh. Capacity 2200mAh – AS LOW AS $8.98

Branded USB charger with custom logo becomes an electrifying marketing tool for business tradeshow and events

These new custom branded power chargers make wonderful business gifts!  Now you can recharge electronic devices on the go with this portable USB power bank.  These lightweight rechargeable power chargers are easy to keep in your purse, car, computer case, backpack, etc.

Your logo will really stand out with the generous imprint area of 2.5″ x .5″.  Choose from colors such as lime green, purple or white.

Portable power chargers are very handy to have while attending meetings, trade shows & conferences, traveling, etc.  Makes a great gift for clients, prospects and employees.  Click here to view additional production information.

Like this idea?  Click here to view a higher-end portable power charger that lights up your logo.

Make your logo glow at night with these Glow in The Dark Glasses

custom printed glow in the dark glasses
Custom printed glow-in-the-dark glasses – as low as $1.50 each. Click image for info.

A gleaming logo can never go unnoticed with this custom printed glow in the dark glasses

Some people seem to have glasses for every occasion, but how about glasses that serve no other function other than to bring a little glow-in-the-dark fun?  That’s exactly what these promotional glow in the dark glasses do!  Created in the shape of the fashionable sunglasses, these spectacles sport clear lenses and either blue or green frames that glow at night when exposed to just a bit of sunlight during the day.  These are sure to be a hit at any daytime or nighttime event. They also offer UVA and UVB protection should they be worn during the day as well.

Click here for additional product information.