5 Promotional Products with A Large Imprint Area

Promotional products with a large imprint area offer an easier way to get brands noticed. They also offer great utility value and won’t burn a hole into your marketing budget. Featured here are 5 products with large surface area to feature your logo.

1. SQT-JollyRanchers

This stainless steel Food Container Box offers quality storage solutions. It features a classic shape with a hinged lid. This container is perfect for storing chocolates and other tasty goodies. Your logo will be highlighted prominently on this tin.

JollyRanchers – Storage Stainless Food Container Box Stackable Tins Holiday Gifts – AS LOW AS $11.50

2. Solar Charger Pro

This product allows users to charge cell phones and other electronic devices by using solar energy or a conventional USB charger. This portable product can be carried anywhere with ease. The large imprint area will ensure others take note of the advertiser.

Charge your mobile phone, MP3 or PSP player with the power of the sun, or via a computer’s USB power AS LOW AS $22.95

3. New Years Eve Pop Up Visor

This visor is excellent to welcome the New Year. It features a 2016 pop up and your logo or message will be imprinted using screen printing. This product is available in several exciting colors. The visor is made of durable material to ensure it lasts for a long time.

This visor features the year 2016 proudly displayed on the crown of the visor – AS LOW AS $0.99

4. 15 oz. Ceramic El Grande Coffee Mug

This large white customized mug will help users enjoy their favorite beverages in style. Made of high quality material, this mug and the logo featured on it will be noticed by people from a distance.

This large 15 oz. ceramic mug is great for those looking for a large capacity mug – AS LOW AS $2.39

5. Velour Golf Towel

This plush custom golf towel can be used to polish clubs and other accessories at the golf course. It is available in a wide range of corporate colors. It comes with a grommet and hook that easily attaches itself to golf bags. This economical towel has a large imprint area to highlight your brand.

Polish your clubs and your game with this plush terry velour golf towel – AS LOW AS $8.75

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5 Promotional Products With No Minimum Order Quantity Required

Sometimes you would like to place an order without worrying about specifying a large quantity. No minimum promotional products offer convenience and affordability to buyers seeking low-quantity giveaways to highlight their brand.

This article features 5 promotional products with no minimum quantity for you to specify. These products also offer the following benefits:

Free setup charges
Free and unique personalization on each product (for example, you can have different messages or names on each coaster present in your order)

Let’s explore the products in detail:

1. Cork Coasters (set of 4)

This product protects table surfaces against spillage and scratches. It features a glossy top that is easy to clean. These corks can be counted upon to highlighted marketing messages on desks.

Cork Coasters (set of 4) Free Setup. No Minimum. No Charge for Personalizing Each Set – AS LOW AS $16.99

2. Wire-bound Journal 5×7

These journals are versatile additions to homes and offices. They look good and can be used to jot down important notes. The front glossy cover will feature a full color imprint. This Wire Bound Journal will be well received by clients and employees. Students will find it useful as well.

Wire-bound Journal 5×7. Free Setup. No Charge for Personalizing Each Unit – AS LOW AS $11.99

3. Bag Tag

This tag seeks a hassle-free experience for travelers around the world. There is no more need to get confused while searching for baggage. Your logo and message will appear boldly on these luggage tags, helping users remember your brand more often.

Bag Tag. Free Setup. No Minimum. No Charge for Personalizing Each Unit – AS LOW AS $7.99

4. High Quality Silver Halide Posters 11×14

Ever used posters as giveaways? These high-quality posters are fade-resistant to ensure they last a long time. Highlight your choice of art, message and logo on these posters to ensure strong brand visibility wherever these posters are used. Use variable data to personalize each poster for maximum impact.

High Quality Silver Halide Posters 11×14.No Minimum. No Charge for Customizing Each Poster – AS LOW AS $6.99

5. 11 oz Ceramic Mugs

These personalized ceramic mugs allow you to showcase your logo and identity in different ways. Microwave and dishwasher-safe, these mugs allows for full color imprint. This ensures your business is remembered every time the user takes a sip of his favorite beverage. Add a personalized message to each mug recipient.

no-minimum-quantity-on-printed-promotional-products-Individually-Personalized-Ceramic-Mugs-Free Setup-free-personalization
Individually Personalized 11 oz Ceramic Mugs. Free Setup. No Charge for Personalizing Each Unit – AS LOW AS $8.29

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These 3-in-1 Promotional Products Offer Superior Brand Visibility

Are you looking for a business gift that offers a lot of function all bundled up into a single item? The following multi-function customized gift ideas will keep your brand in focus throughout the day.

1. Trio 3-in-1 Power Bank with Speaker

This product features a Speaker, a Mobile Stand and a 4000 mAh Power Bank. It is a great product and can be used with all kinds of cell phones. It features a classy rubberized finish and is available in the following exciting colors: Black, White, Yellow, Dark Red, Blue and Green.

It comes in a free gift box.

Speaker / Mobile Stand / 4000 mAh Power Bank. The Trio is a 3-in-1 portable speaker – AS LOW AS $14.77

2. WorkMate 3-in-1 Tape Measure

This 10ft retractable tape measurer can record distances with ease. It comes with a built-in level, a memo pad, a pen and belt clip. A locking mechanism secures the device.

It comes in a white gift box. This product is available in yellow.

WorkMate 3-in-1 Tape Measure with Pad Pen and Level – AS LOW AS $2.98

3. iBank® 3-in-1

This product comes with a charging cable, a wall charger and a car charger. All these items are neatly packed in a Zipper Bag. It is suitable for all kinds of smartphones. It will help users stay charged while on the move.

iBank® 3-in-1 Charging Cable + Wall Charger + Car Charger + Zipper Bag – AS LOW AS $8.99

4. The Americana 3-in-1

This product features a stylus, a pen and a highlighter. The stylus can work on all kinds of touchscreen devices. Click-action mechanism activates the pen.

This product is available in the following colors: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow and Orange.

The Americana 3-in-1 Stylus, Pen & Highlighter – AS LOW AS $1.10

5. Clip Trax 3 in 1

This product features a binder clip, a ballpoint pen and a sticky note pad. It has a magnetic back-end that allows it to be attached to metallic surfaces such as refrigerators and cabinets. Users can rely on this product to stay on top of their tasks at home or office.

Clip Trax 3 in 1 Binder Clip Ballpoint Pen with Magnet & Sticky Note Pad – AS LOW AS $1.08

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5 Custom Logo Branded Combo-Gift Ideas

Sometimes, combo promotional products are better than one which is why we are featuring the following combo gift ideas.

1. 1 oz. Sport Hand Sanitizer / Anti-Bacterial

This product features a frosted bottle with flip top lid and a carabiner. It can kill germs without using water. This sanitizer contains aloe, vitamin A and vitamin E.

It dries up quickly and doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind. This FDA-compliant product features a full color digital label on the front side to highlight your logo.

Available colors include Assorted, Blue, Black and Red

Kills 99.9 % of germs on contact without water. Contains aloe and vitamins A and E.

2. Folding Brush

Made of plastic, this brush features bristles that cleverly fold to fit in a pocket. A mirror is present in the handle.


3. Handy Pizza Cutter with Bottle Opener

This cutter can serve recipients well in the kitchen. It features a serrated plastic blade to cut through the thickest crusts to ensure mess-free serving. The bottle opener adds to the value of this product.

Available colors include Blue, Pink, Green and Red.

Handy Pizza Cutter with Bottle Opener – As Low As $1.99

4. EOS Lip Balm & Hand Lotion Combo Gift Pack

This product contains a lip balm and hand lotion in a gift bag featuring a drawstring closure. There are 8 and 3 colors to choose from for the lip balm and hand lotion respectively.

EOS Lip Balm & Hand Lotion Combo Gift Pack – As Low As $6.81

5. 2-IN-1 Cooler/BBQ Grill Combo

This product will add life to outdoor parties. It features a unique grill and cooler combination. It comes in a sturdy 600D polyester case. Other features include a zippered closure, a rubberized handle and a carrying strap. Easy to store and carry around, this combo will definitely be put to use outdoors!

2-IN-1 COOLER / BBQ GRILL COMBO – As Low As $15.95

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5 Fitness-Themed Business Gifts For 2016

As we near year-end, we will witness a lot of people making new resolutions to stay fit through 2016. As most of us already know, it is difficult to maintain New Year resolutions. Ideally, a gentle push is needed to keep people motivated.

This “push” can be in the form of the health-related promotional products featured in this article. They are innovative and useful logo giveaway items that help recipients pursue their fitness goals.

1. Waterproof Bike Helmet Cover

This helmet cover protects bikers from the forces of nature, whether it’s wind or rain. This waterproof helmet features stretchy polyester spandex mesh material that can be used by people of all sizes and age groups.

health-fitness-promotional-products-for-business-2016-Waterproof-Bike-Helmet-Covers2. LI’L Shorty Sport Bottle

Featuring a single-wall construction, this bottle is cute and handy. It has a twist-on lid and a silver carabiner to ensure it can be carried around with ease.

Available colors include Black, Green, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Orange, Silver, Red and White.

health-fitness-promotional-products-for-business-2016-SHORTY-SPORT-BOTTLE3. Arm Strap for iPhone® 5

This adjustable arm band features a Velcro strap to secure iPhones while on the move. It also features a cut-out hole at the bottom for a earbud cable to pass through.

This product is available in a classy black color.

health-fitness-promotional-products-for-business-2016-Arm-Strap-for-iPhone4. Onestep 4-in-1 Pedometer

This pedometer provides details on distance traveled and calories burnt. It also features a 1/100 Chronograph and Alarm Clock. The sporty design and convenient LCD display ensures this product wins appreciation from clients and employees.

health-fitness-promotional-products-for-business-2016-advanced-4-in-1-Pedometer5. Jewel Collection Soft Touch Sport (Towel)

This towel is perfect for the outdoors. Popular among sports enthusiasts, it absorbs sweat quickly while maintaining a dry surface for fresh use.

Available colors include Navy Blue, Carolina Blue, Royal Blue, Kelly Green, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Red, Purple, Pink, Orange, Texas Orange, Gold, Vegas Gold, Gray, Black and White.

health-fitness-promotional-products-for-business-2016-soft-sports-Stadium-TowelsContact us if you need additional fitness gift ideas for the New Year.

10 Unique Promotional Products For A Standout Marketing Campaign

This article features some of the most unique promotional products to power marketing campaigns. These rare custom gift ideas are visually appealing and capable of turning heads wherever they are used.

1. Tile Bluetooth Speaker

This white speaker comes with colored sides for an innovative look. It allows you to have a full color imprint to make maximum use of the surface area. This product comes with a black gift box.

Available colors include blue, green, light blue, white, blue, red, black, purple and orange.

neverseen-unique-and-different-promotional-products-brand-spirit-Tile-Bluetooth-Speakers2. DoGo™ Custom 3D logo dough

This innovative dough features a 3-D logo lid that can make lasting and multiple brand impressions. Users can press, squeeze and mold this playable dough as they like. It is easily removable from surfaces and does not damage or leave behind residues.

Available colors include red, blue, green, orange and yellow.

neverseen-unique-and-different-promotional-products-brand-spirit-Custom-3D-logo-dough3. Rectangle Backlit LED Badge Necklace

This unique and backlit promotional badge offers a trendy way to highlight brands at trade shows and events. The badge illuminates in 3 light settings: slow flash, fast flash and steady on.

neverseen-unique-and-different-promotional-products-brand-spirit-Backlit-LED-Badge-Necklace4. 24″ GLASS GALILEO THERMOMETER

This thermometer is based on a concept introduced by Galileo. It is an attractive cylinder featuring floating glass spheres. This beautiful thermometer not only tells the temperature correctly but also serves as a showpiece on desks.

neverseen-unique-and-different-promotional-products-brand-spirit-the-GALILEO-THERMOMETER5. Mini Bluetooth Speaker with Micro-SD Card Reader

This portable speaker can connect any Bluetooth-enabled device. It can also play audio files saved in a MicroSD card. This speaker offers plenty of functions to give users the best musical experience ever!

neverseen-unique-and-different-promotional-products-brand-spirit-Bluetooth-Speakers-with-Card-Reader6. Lycra Custom Mobile Phone Pocket Wallet

This attractive wallet has plenty of pockets to secure IDs, licenses and credit/debit cards. Keys and other personal items can be conveniently stored as well.

neverseen-unique-and-different-promotional-products-brand-spirit-Custom-Mobile-Phone-Pocket-Wallet7. The BottleBand

This trendy product can fit any bottle (irrespective of its size). It helps users stay hydrated while on the move. It is made of 100% silicone and is latex-free.

neverseen-unique-and-different-promotional-products-brand-spirit-BottleBand8. BackStrap universal phone wallet and protector

This innovative product will help to protect cell phones from scratches and dust. It fits most smartphones and offers a rugged look.

Easily cleanable, this product is available in the following colors: white, black, blue, red and yellow.

neverseen-unique-and-different-promotional-products-brand-spirit-universal-phone-wallet-and-protector9. 4″ Magic 8 Ball

This magic ball features psychic messages! It has 20 responses to yes/no questions. Available with a gift box, this product will help to launch a magical marketing campaign.

neverseen-unique-and-different-promotional-products-brand-spirit-Magic-8-Balls10. Braided Men’s Wrap Charm Bracelet

You can customize this braided leather cord bracelet to feature your unique style. For example, it can be matched with your choice of color. Attractive and comfortable to wear, this bracelet can be counted upon to create a style statement for brands.

neverseen-unique-and-different-promotional-products-brand-spirit-Mens-Wrap-Charm-BraceletsContact us for more insights on rare custom gift ideas.

6 Computer Accessories To Boost Your Brand’s Visibility

Cool computer accessories are excellent advertising vehicles to brands connect with prospects and clients. These imprinted accessories can be put to immediate use at homes or in the office, helping the advertisers gain significant visibility on a daily basis. Trendy and innovative, the following 6 tech accessories are durable and designed to last years.

1. Laptop Lock

The Laptop Lock will help travelers secure their notebooks and other computing devices. It features a 3-digit combination lock with a steel cable that attaches itself to a standard laptop security port.

This sturdy product will help to get rid of laptop thefts while on the move.

cool-technology-promotional-products-gifts-for-business-custom-imprinted-Laptop-Lock2. Elleven Small Tech Trap

This product can be used to transport iPhones, iPads and a variety of other technology devices. Their cables can be secured as well. The logo imprint will appear below the zipper.

cool-technology-promotional-products-gifts-for-business-custom-imprinted-Small-Tech-Trap3. Bluetooth Keyboard

This keyboard is waterproof and can be rolled up to be taken anywhere. It connects to all kinds of handheld devices, ensuring that typing is easy with iPhones, iPads and android-based call phones.

cool-technology-promotional-products-gifts-for-business-custom-imprinted-Bluetooth-Keyboard-waterproof4. Freedom Wireless Optical Mouse

This mouse deploys wireless RF technology and comes with an automatic power-saving sleep function for extra battery life. It has a compartment for storing a USB connector. AAA batteries are included.

cool-technology-promotional-products-gifts-for-business-custom-imprinted-Wireless-Optical-Mouse5. Bluetooth Vibe Stereo Headset

This sleek and classy headset allows users to enjoy their music in style! It also ensures users have a convenient hands-free talking experience.

The rechargeable battery will last for 10 hours. This product comes with earpieces, a USB charger and a black pouch.

cool-technology-promotional-products-gifts-for-business-custom-imprinted-Bluetooth-Vibe-Stereo-Headset-16. iPhone Case & Stand

This product is suitable for iPhone 4G and 4S. The case protects iPhones from scratches and keeps it safe. This product is available in several attractive colors. There are plenty of screen imprint colors available as well.


Contact us if you need more technology gift ideas. Our insights will help you choose innovative and marketing-friendly giveaways.