Keep Cords & Tech Gadgets Organized On The Go With GRID-IT!® Organizer

custom cocoon grid-it accessory organizer-with-logo-GRID-IT--Organizer-Small-1
Conveniently sized for your iPad case, you will save time on the go by easily finding what you need – AS LOW AS $20.49

These days, many of us leave our houses with all kinds of tech gadgets and cords in our purses, computer cases or luggage. Then we often find ourselves fumbling around in our bag trying to untangle cords or to find the particular items we are looking for. It can be a source of frustration for many of us.

But this problem has now been solved with the innovative GRID-IT!®! It’s a super handy organizing system that keeps your cameras, music players, portable power banks, cords, USB flash drives, computer mouse and other personal items secured with a grid-like system of elastic bands. These bands allow for endless configuration options. Once your items are secured, all you have to do is place the flat board-shaped organizer into your bag.

branded travel accessories organizer-with-printed-logo-GRID-IT-Organizer-Medium-2
Rubberized woven elastic object retention system for gadget organization|Ideal for iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry and other digital devices|Designed to hold items firmly in place – AS LOW AS $23.49

Here are the highlights:

User-friendly size, fits into most computer bags, larger purses, luggage and other travel cases.
Elastic object retention system to securely hold accessories
Suitable for Smart Phones, Tablets, Compact Cameras, charging cords and other personal items.
Available in 2 sizes :
1. Small
2. Medium
Impressive imprint area for a logo and message
Bulk prices for as low as $23.49
Makes an excellent business gift idea for clients and employees

Contact us to learn more about personalizing this branded travel accessories organizer for your company or organization.

Take Calls & Listen To Music With The New ATOM Wireless Earbud

worlds smallest earphone with custom logo SOLO Wireless Earbud Headset by brand spirit-2
Cut the cord! The ATOM is one of the smallest wireless earbuds in the world! – AS LOW AS $22.49

What kind of branded business gift to you give to the executive that has everything? Tech gadgets are most-always assured to have the wow factor, and companies can’t go wrong giving the gift of the latest, cool gadgets to come out on the market.

worlds smallest branded wireless earphones with custom logo SOLO Wireless Earbud Headset by brand spirit-3
No more tangles, knots or frustrations with your earbuds. Easy to use, easy to store in a pocket or purse!

The new ATOM earbud is that perfect executive gift for 2016. This wireless earbud helps people to make calls or listen to music without worrying about the knots and tangles usually associated with wired earbuds. This single, ATOM earbud is innovative, trendy and compact and can be easily carried around.

Here are highlights of the SOLO Wireless Earbud Headset:

Ranked among the tiniest wireless buds in the world
Amazing sound clarity
Built-In micrphone
Allows hands-free talking
Imprint your full color graphics
Bulk prices as low as $22.49

wireless earbuds with logo SOLO Wireless Earbud Headset by brand spirit
Listen to your favorite music, podcasts, news, GPS navigation or even make and receive phone calls with the built-in microphone! Great while exercising, driving, at work, doing yard work or hanging out in a group.

This small, branded wireless earphone featured here is the perfect branded business gift for conferences, thank you gifts, trade shows, meetings, colleges, offices or even to show off your favorite sports team. It offers a high utility rate, ensuring that the printed logo gets valuable visibility wherever it is used.

Contact us directly for more info on these personalized cordless headphones or for additional customized business gift ideas.

Pieceless Puzzle – It’s A Puzzle And A Mousepad

jigsaw puzzle mousepad with custom logo imprinted - Promotional Pieceless Puzzle 5 Square Unique Mousepad
The continuous puzzle mouse pad pulls apart into one piece – so it won”t end up in bits and pieces – AS LOW AS $2.25

Mouse pads used to be one of the top promotional giveaway around a decade ago. Somehow along the years, marketers have left these handy advertising tools off the table (no pun intended) and have moved on to newer ideas. But mousepads still offer tremendous function for users and the need for mousepads has not gone away.

This new puzzle mousepad even goes a step further and combines the stress-relieving pastime component of a puzzle with the added function of a mousepad once the puzzle has been assembled. And it’s a pieceless puzzle so no pieces will be lost along the way.

jigsaw puzzle mousepad with custom logo imprinted - Promotional Pieceless Puzzle 5 Square Unique Mousepad-2
Once you get connected, it can be used as a mouse mat or coaster!

Here are some highlights of this unique puzzle mousepad:

Can function as a mouse pad (or even a coaster)
Jigsaw puzzle mouse pad
Puzzle can be pulled apart without ending up in pieces
Printed in 4 color process
Only 5 days production time
Bulk prices are as low as $2.25

Mousepads are one of the best advertising tools you can have since they offer a huge imprint with full color printing capabilities. Plus they are sit on a users’ desk all day, 5 days a week.

Contact us today for more information on these personalized mouse pads.

Budget Selfie Tripod Set – A Trendy Gadget Giveaway!

low price mobile tripod with remote - cheap personalized selfie tripod - Budget Selfie Tripod Set
Use the budget tripod selfie kit with the Smart Remote app. This product is compatible with all smartphones – AS LOW AS $6.99

Selfies have been quite the rage with people of all ages, most notably millennials, for quite a number of years now. People love taking selfies with family, friends, while on vacation, out at dinner, or just about anything under the sun! Selfies helps to capture precious moments for eternity (or as long as those digital moments are stored).

And now this custom branded Selfie Tripod Set will take the selfie experience to a whole new level. This is a branded business gift that has unique differences over selfie sticks. Here are just some of the highlights:

Light-weight and easy to carry around
You don’t have to hold the product thus no “long arm shots”
Since you don’t have to hold anything other than the remote, you can take a selfie without looking like you did
Flexible mini tripod and selfie remote accompanies this product
Product is packed in a black velvet pouch
Compatible with all kinds of phones
Bulk prices are as low as $6.99
Just 7 working days required for an order of personalized selfie tripods

Order now or contact us to learn how this branded smartphone tripod set can be a hit at your next promotional event or marketing opportunity.

Gadget Grips® GripRing Stand – A Low Cost Phone Accessory Giveaway Idea

gadget grips cell phone - Gadget Grips GripRing Phone Stand - 2
Never drop your phone or tablet again. This unique ring flips out to use, and snaps back in place to store – AS LOW AS $1.99

Any product that can help make a smartphone easier to use, at a price point that’s easy on the marketing budget, makes it a no-brainer for businesses to giveaway at trade shows, conventions, promotions, meetings and other events.

The GripRing Stand is not only a smart phone stand, it also features a flip out ring, allowing users to slip a finger into the ring for a more secure grip on their phone while on the move. It’s especially useful when walking a trade show or event where the phone stays in the hand for longer-than-usual periods of time. Bulk prices for this item are as low as $1.99 giving businesses an opportunity to get some fresh SWAG at a low price point.

ring phone stand with logo - Gadget Grips GripRing Phone Stand - 1
Gadget Grips(R) technology keeps your phone from slipping and sliding.Brilliant fulll color Fireglaze(TM) graphics with crystal clear Griptyte(TM) gel technology

Here are the highlights of this unique phone holder/stand:

Features Griptyte gel technology and Fireglaze graphics
Snap ring attaches the product to handheld devices
Sleek and slim design
Leaves behind no sticky residue
Useful to extend the reach of thumbs while working on screens
Imprint method used for adding a logo – 4 Color Process
5 Working days to accomplish orders

Order this ring stand for phones for your company today. Or get in touch with us directly for more insights on personalizing this product.

Customized Round Lip Balm Is An Attractive, Trendy Giveaway

personalized lip balm - cheap eos lip balm-Smooth Sphere EOS Lip Balm-Medicated Tangerine
This EOS™ lip balm is packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil to keep your lips moisturized and protected – AS LOW AS $3.10

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) is a brand that successfully redefined the way beauty care products are packaged. They did so with the introduction of egg-shaped lip balms some years ago. EOS lip balms are cute, colorful and popular beauty care items that have been quite hot in the market place for use promotional items, premiums and other SWAG opportunities.

Marketing teams belonging to just about any industry opt for EOS products to giveaway at events, conventions, trade shows, meetings and other promotional events. EOS lips balms keep lips soft and supple irrespective of weather conditions.

We offer a wide range of EOS products for personalization such as the Smooth Sphere Lip Balm-Medicated Tangerine. EOS lip balm can even be printed with your full color digital artwork.

Cheap personalized eos lip balm - Custom Rubber Lip Balm With Logo
Try our NEW Round Lip Balm. Available in several fun colors, with a unique round shape this lip balm is perfect for gift shops, trade shows, and more – AS LOW AS $1.14

Looking for something more cost effective? Try the new Rubber Lip Balm.

People looking for more inexpensive options can opt for the Rubber Lip Balm. It’s new, provides soothing relief for chapped lips and comes in a wide variety of colors and flavors. Here are some highlights of the Rubber Lip Balm:

• Unique round shape quickly wins admirers
• Perfect to reach a large audience
• Color of product matches the flavor
• Colors/Flavors: Lemon, Berry Blue, Melon, Mixed Fruit, Mint, Orange, Strawberry, Raspberry and Vanilla
• Includes a one color, screen printed, custom logo
• Bulk pricing starts at $1.45
• Production turnaround time is just 5 working days

Contact us directly if you would like to receive more information, review samples or to place an order.

Customized Motion Activated Flashing Bracelets Currently On Sale

The bracelet has an on/off switch and when the bracelet is on the LED’s are activated by motion – AS LOW AS $3.10

For years, wristbands have helped spread awareness about brands and causes. They are economical, trendy and good-looking – people from all walks of life wear them to spread a message.

Introducing the Motion Activated Flashing Bracelet!

The Motion Activated Flashing Bracelet is an advanced version of conventional wristbands. It is innovative and popular as a party accessory. It can also be used at fundraisers, trade shows and product launch events. These light-up bracelets are currently on sale for the discounted price of just $2.79 for any quantity above 100 units (while supplies last).

Here are the highlights of this custom LED bracelet:

Simple motion of the hand activates LEDs
On/Off switch for LED activation is also present
One size fits all
Attractive colors available
Serves as a glow in the dark bracelet as well
Includes a one-color printed logo
Production turnaround time of 7 days

Here are the different color variations available for this product:

1. Blue
2. White
3. Red
4. Green
5. Black

Contact us directly to take advantage of the sale pricing mentioned here for these branded light up bracelets.