Budget Selfie Tripod Set – A Trendy Gadget Giveaway!

low price mobile tripod with remote - cheap personalized selfie tripod - Budget Selfie Tripod Set
Use the budget tripod selfie kit with the Smart Remote app. This product is compatible with all smartphones – AS LOW AS $6.99

Selfies have been quite the rage with people of all ages, most notably millennials, for quite a number of years now. People love taking selfies with family, friends, while on vacation, out at dinner, or just about anything under the sun! Selfies helps to capture precious moments for eternity (or as long as those digital moments are stored).

And now this custom branded Selfie Tripod Set will take the selfie experience to a whole new level. This is a branded business gift that has unique differences over selfie sticks. Here are just some of the highlights:

Light-weight and easy to carry around
You don’t have to hold the product thus no “long arm shots”
Since you don’t have to hold anything other than the remote, you can take a selfie without looking like you did
Flexible mini tripod and selfie remote accompanies this product
Product is packed in a black velvet pouch
Compatible with all kinds of phones
Bulk prices are as low as $6.99
Just 7 working days required for an order of personalized selfie tripods

Order now or contact us to learn how this branded smartphone tripod set can be a hit at your next promotional event or marketing opportunity.