Do’s & Don’ts: The Art of Corporate Gift Giving

The first rule of corporate gift giving is, it’s NOT personal gift giving. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the kind of gift you send will reflect directly on your business.

There certainly is an art to this client management practice and once you hit the nail in the head, your business is sure to benefit exponentially.

do's and don'ts of corporate gift giving

No logos on holiday gifts

While it might be tempting to add your logo on a premium holiday gift, sincerity can be best achieved if you leave it out. Instead, we recommend attaching a personal hand-written greeting card with your name and business. Adding printed materials like custom holiday cards, paper bags, or tote bags are acceptable locations for logos on business gifts.

Things to consider when gifting food items

Candies, pastries, artisan goods, and fruit baskets are popular corporate gifts all year round. When deciding on food gifts, be mindful of clients’ allergies and factor in how and when the package would arrive. Make sure that the gift arrives at optimum state.

The IRS Factor

Some companies are not allowed to accept gifts and your brand has to know which clients are covered by this rule. Business gifts are tax-deductible up to $25 per person for the tax year. Packaging, shipping and delivery are not part of this total. This is not a one-size-fits-all guideline. IRS publication 463 can offer more specifics.

Cultural Sensitivity

Be aware of images and symbolism placed on packaging and on the gifts themselves. Doing basic research about other cultures goes a long way and pays off. If you’re sending to a substantial number of clients, choosing a more generic gift like the Michelin Guide to Restaurants is a safe but high-value gift.

Make a list

Take note of who received gifts, what the gifts were and their costs, and whether they were sent via courier or hand-delivered. This will be helpful for your business’ documentation of spend in case a report needs to be submitted to the finance department.

We at Brand Spirit pride ourselves in providing personalized customer support to help our clients find the best corporate gifts that follow best practices in for many industries. 

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Promotional Marketing Trends to Integrate Into Your Strategy

promotional marketing strategies for 2017 that work

2017 came by so quickly and we’re now in the fourth quarter. We’ve seen new product innovations, consumer behavior shifts, and have had the opportunity to work with diverse businesses in thriving industries all across the country. As a forward-thinking business, have you been able to successfully pivot keep up with the trends and work in the right strategy for your brand’s goals?

By working closely with our clients, we’ve been able to put together 3 important findings when it comes to formulating the correct marketing strategies that really work and lead to better awareness, conversion, and loyalty from a specific target audience.


Customers don’t just want technology related products but they NEED it. These promotional items are multifunctional, convenient, and a heck’a lotta fun! According to ASI, customers put a premium on function and will form stronger connections with brands that give them practical and useful gifts–and they actually keep it for as long as it works. This means you get the bang for your marketing buck and maximize brand exposure.


People appreciate quality now more than ever. They can tell if something is cheap just by the look alone. From our experience, businesses that spend a bit more for high-quality promotional items, like computer backpacks, has proven more effective for generating buzz and gaining customer loyalty. People want a quality gift that they’ll actually use for a longer period of time. Universities, sports teams, banks, realtors, and fundraising groups have realized this and have begun allotting their budgets to more high-value gifts.


Promotional apparel has been experiencing a shift, and while Polos and basic shirts are still main stays at trade shows, the need for more functional and fashionable apparel will be greatly appreciated by current and new clients or employees. Performance and retail branded apparel (such as Patagonia and Nike) used as corporate casual wear and employee uniform have been two of the top-selling categories since the start of the year. 

With these in mind, it’s important that when planning your marketing calendar and strategy, you answer 3 things:

  1. Will customers need it?
  2. Will they keep it for a long time?
  3. Does it represent my brand?

Ready to make a game plan?

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Delight Clients with a Customized Copy of The Michelin Guide 2018

Looking for a premium gift for real estate clients, fundraising donors, new investors, and other VIPs? The 2018 Michelin Guide to New York City restaurants is the perfect add-on to your gift set. These also make wonderful additions to a PR kit for the press and special guests for company events.

In the past, people relied on the Zagat Guide to show them the top restaurants in the city but publishing will be discontinued for good starting next year. This means The Michelin Guide will be flying off the shelves even before the year ends so better hurry and get copies for your promotional campaign!

promotional michelin guide 2018 nyc you can customize with your logo to give as gifts to clients
Other Michelin Guide books for other cities available for custom order at

This book is the ultimate foodie guide for all the biggest cities in the world. Add your company’s logo or choose a nice photo to go along with your business name. Below is an example of how you can personalize and brand this premium business gift.

sample custom design

Other featured cities with a Michelin Guide include London, Main European Cities, Chicago, Washington DC, and more. Ready to guide your customers on the best gastronomic trail of 2018? Order today, loves!

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Giveaway Idea: Phone Camera Lens to Capture Memories On the Go

People take an average of 8 photos a day using their smartphones. There are also many phone photography enthusiasts who take beautiful and interesting photos with just their mobile device. If your business is targeting a highly creative, young, and tech-savvy market, it’s important that your brand also taps into these interests with the types of incentives programs you are running.

We’ve put together a complete phone photography gift set with products you can fully brand and customize to fit your business’ style. 

promotional phone accessories, detachable phone camera lens as giveaway
All products are available for customization and bulk order at


Add your logo on the case and the lens clip. With the 3 in 1 lens pro kit you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take amazing photos. The 3 in 1 lens pro kit is everything you need to convert your smartphone or tablet into a high functioning camera to capture breathtaking photos. The 3 in 1 is portable and light weight. The 3 in 1 lens kit includes 3 different types of high quality optical glass lenses that fit perfectly for your mobile device or tablet: macro lens, wide angle lens and the fish eye lens. The kit also includes protective lens caps and a drawstring bag. 


Keep their camera lens clean as well as the their phone screens with this cleaning kit complete with cloth case. Customize the spray bottle, the cloth, and the casing so they never forget your brand. This cleaner also works on TVs and computer monitors.


Give them a cute bag to organize all of these promotional items. This totally cute and customizable transparent bag can also be used for other little things like make-up, cords, pens, and even toiletries.

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