3 Custom Promotional Folders To Showcase Your Brand Identity

A quality folder can serve as an effective tool not only to carry your literature and business cards, but to also re-enforce your brand message. They are most often handed out a sales presentations, meetings, conferences and other marketing and sales opportunities.

Folders offer rich surface area to imprint a logo and/or full color graphics. A sturdy and long-lasting folder will serve recipients for years – featured here are 3 custom promotional folders that will help businesses make a lasting marketing impact.

Variety of card slots and slits are available. Recycled and certified stocks – AS LOW AS $0.67

1. Conformer Expansion Folder

This folder features a unique patented design. It can hold a variety of documents in flexible pockets. There are slots to feature cards as well. This product is made of recycled material.

Four Color Process measures 9″ x 12″ with two 4″ pockets – AS LOW AS $0.69

2. Process Savers – Economical Printed Folders

These folders will help those who need to launch a marketing campaign in quick time. Featuring multiple pockets to store documents and business cards, these folders can be shipped the next day after the order is placed.

A touch of foil.. A touch of class… Perfect for handouts to clients, patients, or employees – AS LOW AS $0.66

3. Budget Cutters – Economical Foil Stamped

This elegant looking product is capable of impressing employees and clients! It features two pockets and slots to store business cards. The look and feel of this folder will definitely strike a chord with recipients.

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5 Wine Gift Ideas For Connoisseurs

Wine has a glorious history that dates back to more than 8000 years! Over the centuries, hundreds of grape varieties have been cultivated to produce wine that’s appreciated around the world.

You will find a lot of wine enthusiasts among your employees and customers. One can never go wrong by investing in unique wine gifts to highlight your brand.

The products featured here are personalized wine gifts which are all excellent business gift ideas.

Nine-piece wine set features a cherry polished wooden case for compact storage – AS LOW AS $39.98

1. Executive Wine Collectors Set

This 9-piece wine set features an elegant looking wooden case for storage. It comes with a bottle opener, a foil seal cutter, a thermometer, a drip ring, a pourer, two wine stoppers, and two replacement corkscrew bits. A gift box is included. Advertisers can make an impact with these custom wine gift sets.

Rubber grip handle. Removes natural and synthetic corks – AS LOW AS $42.98

2. Veneto Automatic Wine Opener

This product opens wine bottles with ease! Featuring a rubber grip handle, this opener can remove synthetic and natural corks. It comes with a gift box along with a recharging station, an AC adapter, and a seal cutter.

Exclusive Leed’s design. Fully insulated tote keeps two bottles cold – AS LOW AS $17.98

3. Belgio Insulated Double Wine Tote

This product features an exclusive and classy design. The tote can keep 2 bottles chilled. It has a side pocket that includes a corkscrew. A front pocket offers storage space as well.

Stainless steel wine opener features ergonomically designed handles and lever allowing one-stop wine opening – AS LOW AS $45.98

4. Laguiole® Wine Companion

This wine opener is made of superior craftsmanship. It features ergonomically designed handles and a lever that facilitates one-stop wine opening. It also features wooden accent handles. It comes in a wooden case with protective sleeve.

Clever bottle-shaped tool serves five unique functions. Functions include corkscrew, bottle opener, knife blade, serrated blade and magnifying glass – AS LOW AS $4.98

5. Spirit Companion

This clever tool offers so many functions! It can serve as a corkscrew, a bottle opener, a knife blade, a serrated blade and a magnifying glass. A classy looking gift box is included.

Click here to view more information on gifts for wine enthusiasts.

5 Exciting Promotional Products For Travelers!

A long trip is incomplete without some essential accessories. These essential accessories ensure that travelers stay organized while on the move, helping them focus on enjoying the trip.

Featured here are 5 such custom branded travel items that also make excellent business gifts:

This leather travel wallet can double as creative gift packaging – AS LOW AS $15.48

1. Metropolitan Deluxe Travel Wallet

This elegant leather wallet can store a variety of documents. It has an ID slot, a coin pocket, slots to store credit/debit cards, a ticket sleeve and a pen holder. The zippered closure keeps everything secured. This logo printed travel wallet comes in a classy black gift box.

Main zippered compartment includes TSA-friendly laptop compartment expediting airport security – AS LOW AS $129.98

2. elleven Wheeled Security-Friendly Compu-Backpack

This is a convenient bag that securely stores a 17” laptop. It has dividers to store files. You will also find multiple zippered pockets to store a variety of belongings. The comfortable straps ensure that this personalized computer backpack is a pleasure to carry around.

3. elleven™ Traverse Tumbler 16oz

This custom tumbler features a unique and intricate design. The stainless steel interior can store liquids at ideal temperatures. The exterior is made of quality Eastman Tritan material.

This 16 oz. tumbler offers non-spill functionality.

The 21″ Compu-Upright is the only bag you need on your three day or extended travel – AS LOW AS $94.98

4. elleven™ Vertex 21″ Compu Rolling Upright

This bag is perfect when you are on the move for a couple of days. It features a unique padded sleeve to secure 17” laptops. Another pocket stores an iPad or tablet. There are several other compartments and handles that make these bags a pleasure to own.

Compact and easy to carry. Perfect for travelers and sight see-ers. Binocular magnification is 8×21 – AS LOW AS $14.98

5. Yukon Binoculars

This powerful binocular will help users enjoy sights while on the move. It has a binocular magnification of 8×21. The compact size and low weight make them easy to distribute. Each binocular comes with a vinyl carrying case and packaged in a black gift box.

Order online or contact us to learn more these smart promotional products. You will find them to be the perfect gifts for travelers!

Customize Apparel, Bags & More With PVC Labels

Rubber Patches pvc labels custom branded promotional

Decorating apparel and bags with custom PVC labels  provides a unique alternative to printing or embroidery.  Rubber PVC labels are great to use when:

  • Printing or embroidery is not possible on a particular product
  • A higher level of graphic detail is needed
  • Embroidery backing is not desirable

Brand Labels

Custom branded PVC patches can be sewn onto promotional shirts, hats, bags, jackets, vests, gloves laptop cases and more.

Heat sealing PVC patches onto garments and other items is also an option, but would need to be initially tested on the fabric to confirm viability.  For example, heat sealing PVC labels onto leather is not possible.  There can also be complications with certain nylons if, for example, the nylon has a weather proof coating.

Brand Labels
Brand Labels

Garments with PVC labels (that have been sewn on) can be washed and dried as usual.

If you are interested in apparel, bags or any other products with a custom PVC patch, contact us today with details about your project.  We will be happy to send you a quote.

Tuscany Roller Ball – A Good Looking Business Gift For All Occasions

Unique high shine chrome accents. Pens include premium black ink cartridges & gift box – AS LOW AS $4.08

In a 2014 survey, ASI Central, the largest media, marketing and education organization serving the advertising specialty industry asked respondents from around the globe to rate 3 promotional items they received in the past year. Writing instruments came out on top in the USA and all other metropolitan cities that took part in the survey. This is an indicator of the importance people attach to pens they receive from advertisers.

Personalized ink pens – an easy way to make a quick impression

There are a wide variety of pens available to highlight a brand or cause. Most advertisers opt for ball or gel pens to make an impact. Ink pens tend to be the most cost effective and add a special and unique touch to your marketing campaign.

These laser engraved and printed pens are available at low prices to ensure buyers enjoy a budget-friendly marketing campaign.

Tuscany Roller Ball – elegantly designed for maximum visual impact

The Tuscany Roller Ball is a beautiful pen featuring a unique brass barrel and shiny chrome accents. It comes with a premium black ink cartridge. A gift box is included. This attractive pen will highlight the advertiser’s logo and message wherever it is used.

It is available in Black, Titanium and Pearl colors.

Get in touch with us for more insights on business class promotional pens.

These 3-in-1 Promotional Products Offer Superior Brand Visibility

Are you looking for a business gift that offers a lot of function all bundled up into a single item? The following multi-function customized gift ideas will keep your brand in focus throughout the day.

1. Trio 3-in-1 Power Bank with Speaker

This product features a Speaker, a Mobile Stand and a 4000 mAh Power Bank. It is a great product and can be used with all kinds of cell phones. It features a classy rubberized finish and is available in the following exciting colors: Black, White, Yellow, Dark Red, Blue and Green.

It comes in a free gift box.

Speaker / Mobile Stand / 4000 mAh Power Bank. The Trio is a 3-in-1 portable speaker – AS LOW AS $14.77

2. WorkMate 3-in-1 Tape Measure

This 10ft retractable tape measurer can record distances with ease. It comes with a built-in level, a memo pad, a pen and belt clip. A locking mechanism secures the device.

It comes in a white gift box. This product is available in yellow.

WorkMate 3-in-1 Tape Measure with Pad Pen and Level – AS LOW AS $2.98

3. iBank® 3-in-1

This product comes with a charging cable, a wall charger and a car charger. All these items are neatly packed in a Zipper Bag. It is suitable for all kinds of smartphones. It will help users stay charged while on the move.

iBank® 3-in-1 Charging Cable + Wall Charger + Car Charger + Zipper Bag – AS LOW AS $8.99

4. The Americana 3-in-1

This product features a stylus, a pen and a highlighter. The stylus can work on all kinds of touchscreen devices. Click-action mechanism activates the pen.

This product is available in the following colors: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow and Orange.

The Americana 3-in-1 Stylus, Pen & Highlighter – AS LOW AS $1.10

5. Clip Trax 3 in 1

This product features a binder clip, a ballpoint pen and a sticky note pad. It has a magnetic back-end that allows it to be attached to metallic surfaces such as refrigerators and cabinets. Users can rely on this product to stay on top of their tasks at home or office.

Clip Trax 3 in 1 Binder Clip Ballpoint Pen with Magnet & Sticky Note Pad – AS LOW AS $1.08

Contact us directly if you would like more ideas for multi-tool business items.

10 Unique Promotional Products For A Standout Marketing Campaign

This article features some of the most unique promotional products to power marketing campaigns. These rare custom gift ideas are visually appealing and capable of turning heads wherever they are used.

1. Tile Bluetooth Speaker

This white speaker comes with colored sides for an innovative look. It allows you to have a full color imprint to make maximum use of the surface area. This product comes with a black gift box.

Available colors include blue, green, light blue, white, blue, red, black, purple and orange.

neverseen-unique-and-different-promotional-products-brand-spirit-Tile-Bluetooth-Speakers2. DoGo™ Custom 3D logo dough

This innovative dough features a 3-D logo lid that can make lasting and multiple brand impressions. Users can press, squeeze and mold this playable dough as they like. It is easily removable from surfaces and does not damage or leave behind residues.

Available colors include red, blue, green, orange and yellow.

neverseen-unique-and-different-promotional-products-brand-spirit-Custom-3D-logo-dough3. Rectangle Backlit LED Badge Necklace

This unique and backlit promotional badge offers a trendy way to highlight brands at trade shows and events. The badge illuminates in 3 light settings: slow flash, fast flash and steady on.

neverseen-unique-and-different-promotional-products-brand-spirit-Backlit-LED-Badge-Necklace4. 24″ GLASS GALILEO THERMOMETER

This thermometer is based on a concept introduced by Galileo. It is an attractive cylinder featuring floating glass spheres. This beautiful thermometer not only tells the temperature correctly but also serves as a showpiece on desks.

neverseen-unique-and-different-promotional-products-brand-spirit-the-GALILEO-THERMOMETER5. Mini Bluetooth Speaker with Micro-SD Card Reader

This portable speaker can connect any Bluetooth-enabled device. It can also play audio files saved in a MicroSD card. This speaker offers plenty of functions to give users the best musical experience ever!

neverseen-unique-and-different-promotional-products-brand-spirit-Bluetooth-Speakers-with-Card-Reader6. Lycra Custom Mobile Phone Pocket Wallet

This attractive wallet has plenty of pockets to secure IDs, licenses and credit/debit cards. Keys and other personal items can be conveniently stored as well.

neverseen-unique-and-different-promotional-products-brand-spirit-Custom-Mobile-Phone-Pocket-Wallet7. The BottleBand

This trendy product can fit any bottle (irrespective of its size). It helps users stay hydrated while on the move. It is made of 100% silicone and is latex-free.

neverseen-unique-and-different-promotional-products-brand-spirit-BottleBand8. BackStrap universal phone wallet and protector

This innovative product will help to protect cell phones from scratches and dust. It fits most smartphones and offers a rugged look.

Easily cleanable, this product is available in the following colors: white, black, blue, red and yellow.

neverseen-unique-and-different-promotional-products-brand-spirit-universal-phone-wallet-and-protector9. 4″ Magic 8 Ball

This magic ball features psychic messages! It has 20 responses to yes/no questions. Available with a gift box, this product will help to launch a magical marketing campaign.

neverseen-unique-and-different-promotional-products-brand-spirit-Magic-8-Balls10. Braided Men’s Wrap Charm Bracelet

You can customize this braided leather cord bracelet to feature your unique style. For example, it can be matched with your choice of color. Attractive and comfortable to wear, this bracelet can be counted upon to create a style statement for brands.

neverseen-unique-and-different-promotional-products-brand-spirit-Mens-Wrap-Charm-BraceletsContact us for more insights on rare custom gift ideas.