Tile Bluetooth Thing Finder – Brand This Crowdfunding Winner With Your Logo

Just attach a Tile to everyday items such as your phone, luggage, keys, bike or anything else that matters to you. Keep track of them in the TILE app – AS LOW AS $23.50

Crowdfunding projects offer fertile ground for launching innovative and revolutionary products. You will come across some very exciting products ready to take the world by storm! One such product is the Tile Bluetooth Thing Finder.

Manufactured by young start-up Tile, this product had a fruitful crowdfunding run. Many people showed interest in this revolutionary product. Donors pledged in huge numbers, surpassing the modest $20,000 target. After its successful crowdfunding campaign, Tile quickly put the product in manufacturing mode. The finished product was a hit and praised by tech portals for its utility value.

Brand Spirit now offers businesses the opportunity to brand the Tile Bluetooth Trackers for promotional use.

Introducing the Tile Bluetooth Thing Finder!

This product helps users locate any lost item. The user will have to attach a “tile” to any personal item that is likely to get lost. An app helps to track these items.


Here are this product’s highlights:

• It is the size of a small match box
• Can be connected to a cell phone, keys, luggage, bike and other personal belongings
• Comes with a convenient and easy-to-install app that allows users to keep track of their devices
• Uses sounds and maps to reveal locations
• Overcomes Bluetooth area limitations by connecting with other nearby Tile-enabled devices to locate a missing item
• Can be printed with a full color process logo

This exciting product will be coveted by anyone who receives this trending business gift. Click here to personalize the tile key finder with your logo.

Lumi Light Up Bluetooth Speaker – A Visually Stunning Business Gift!

Features built in music control and mic. Includes Micro USB to USB charging cable and auxiliary cord. Bluetooth working range is 10 meters – AS LOW AS $24.98

Bluetooth-enabled devices have taken technology to a whole new level. They offer high connectivity and are convenient to use while on the move. Most consumers prefer Bluetooth-enabled devices to fuel their lifestyle.

Featured here is a custom Bluetooth speaker that can play quality music in style!

It is a compact product with an easily noticeable area to highlight your logo. Starting at a bulk price of just $24.98, this personalized USB speaker can turn up the fun several notches!

Here are some highlights about this product:

• Flashing multi-color display with 6 lights
• Lights turn on as music plays
• Can connect with devices via Bluetooth (distance of 33 feet)
• USB-to-micro USB cable included
• Printed with your custom logo

Click here to customize this portable speaker with lights with your logo.

Zoom Audio Flask – Unique Tumbler With Bluetooth Speaker

The speaker is complete with flashing LED lights that compliment music while a built in media stand works with most large smart phones – AS LOW AS $35.98

Flasks were popularly known as canteens among American soldiers during WWII. They were handy tools that helped quench their thirst in deserts and other difficult-to-live areas. As years passed by, flasks began to take on different forms. Today, you will find them in all kinds of sizes, colors and varieties like the portable speaker flask featured here!

Introducing the Zoom Audio Flask!

This flask is sought out as business gifts for its high tech features. It is a unique personalized tumbler featuring a large 18 oz. capacity. Here are some highlights of this product:

• Sporty and sleek tumbler for maximum visual impact
• Detachable speaker that connects with devices via Bluetooth (working range of 33 feet)
• Handy phone stand
• Hands-free calls supported
• LEDs light up when the speaker is playing music
• Flip-top lid for convenient opening
• Impressive surface area for logo imprint
• Micro-USB to USB charging cable is included

Place your order online or contact us for more information on this custom tumbler with speaker.

The Metropolitan Mouse Pad with Phone Holder Is A Classy Tech Giveaway

This unique design takes the traditional mouse pad into the 21st century by offering storage solutions – AS LOW AS $17.98

The first mouse pads were invented in the year 1969 by Jack Kelley. They looked more like medium-sized trays that stored tea cups! A lot has changed since then. Today, you will find cool mouse pads that look great on desks plus offer high usability and convenience.

You will also find some unique mouse pads offering extra functionality. One such mouse pad is featured here.

Metropolitan Mouse Pad with Phone Holder: Perfect as computer accessories gifts!

This large mouse pad allows the user to secure a cellphone and other essentials while working on a computer. This product can also store business cards and 2 flash drives. These custom mouse pads will do a good job of highlighting the advertiser’s logo and contact details.

Order these mouse pads in bulk online or contact us directly for more options on promotional mouse pads.

New Technology-Related Brandable Gifts & Giveaways For 2016

At Brand Spirit, we make a continuous and determined effort to update our website with new promotional products. This update is done several times through the year so that businesses can choose from a wide range of new gifts and giveaways.

Featured below are 5 new technology- related promotional products and corporate gifts for 2016:

4-port 2.0 USB hub. Compatible with any USB port – AS LOW AS $2.99

1. The Wrap Around USB Hub

This product will help users connect USB devices wherever they are. Featuring 4 ports, it can extend up to 5.5 inches. It’s a handy product that occupies minimal space. The imprint area is impressive as well.

The thumbs up media holder is able to hold any portable device up to 7-1/2″ wide – AS LOW AS $1.99

2. Thumbs Up Media Holder

This funny looking product will bring an instant smile on everybody’s faces! It features the iconic thumbs up in a creative way. It can hold and secure a portable device that is 7.5 inches wide. It’s a fun giveaway packed with utility value.

The premium choice when it comes to earbuds – AS LOW AS $34.98

3. ifidelity Chromia Dual Driver Earbuds

This product offers an exceptional audio listening experience. It features a speaker in each earpiece. The built-in music control and mic adds to this product’s appeal. This product comes packed in a premium leather case.

The Cherokee Power Bank is made from natural bamboo material. This battery back up packs a 5,000 mAh Grade A Lithium Polymer battery with a dual output – AS LOW AS $19.98

4. Cherokee Power Bank

This is a unique product because it is made from natural bamboo! It features a 5,000 mAh Grade A Lithium Polymer battery and dual output. Ideal for charging smartphones, this product has blue LED light that shows how much power remains.

This product comes with a USB to Micro USB connection cable.

World Adapter PRO+USB is the most powerful travel adapter in the world. The compact 3-pole travel plug with a dual USB charger works in over 150 countries – AS LOW AS $44.98

5. Skross PRO Plus Dual USB World Travel Adapter

This Swiss product is considered to be the most powerful travel adapter ever made! It can charge all kinds of powerful devices, from laptops to smartphones and other household electronic devices.

Contact us to learn more about custom gifts launched in 2016 or feel free to browse our online catalog.

5 Promotional Products with A Large Imprint Area

Promotional products with a large imprint area offer an easier way to get brands noticed. They also offer great utility value and won’t burn a hole into your marketing budget. Featured here are 5 products with large surface area to feature your logo.

1. SQT-JollyRanchers

This stainless steel Food Container Box offers quality storage solutions. It features a classic shape with a hinged lid. This container is perfect for storing chocolates and other tasty goodies. Your logo will be highlighted prominently on this tin.

JollyRanchers – Storage Stainless Food Container Box Stackable Tins Holiday Gifts – AS LOW AS $11.50

2. Solar Charger Pro

This product allows users to charge cell phones and other electronic devices by using solar energy or a conventional USB charger. This portable product can be carried anywhere with ease. The large imprint area will ensure others take note of the advertiser.

Charge your mobile phone, MP3 or PSP player with the power of the sun, or via a computer’s USB power AS LOW AS $22.95

3. New Years Eve Pop Up Visor

This visor is excellent to welcome the New Year. It features a 2016 pop up and your logo or message will be imprinted using screen printing. This product is available in several exciting colors. The visor is made of durable material to ensure it lasts for a long time.

This visor features the year 2016 proudly displayed on the crown of the visor – AS LOW AS $0.99

4. 15 oz. Ceramic El Grande Coffee Mug

This large white customized mug will help users enjoy their favorite beverages in style. Made of high quality material, this mug and the logo featured on it will be noticed by people from a distance.

This large 15 oz. ceramic mug is great for those looking for a large capacity mug – AS LOW AS $2.39

5. Velour Golf Towel

This plush custom golf towel can be used to polish clubs and other accessories at the golf course. It is available in a wide range of corporate colors. It comes with a grommet and hook that easily attaches itself to golf bags. This economical towel has a large imprint area to highlight your brand.

Polish your clubs and your game with this plush terry velour golf towel – AS LOW AS $8.75

Contact us if you need more insights on products offering an impressive imprint area.

6 Computer Accessories To Boost Your Brand’s Visibility

Cool computer accessories are excellent advertising vehicles to brands connect with prospects and clients. These imprinted accessories can be put to immediate use at homes or in the office, helping the advertisers gain significant visibility on a daily basis. Trendy and innovative, the following 6 tech accessories are durable and designed to last years.

1. Laptop Lock

The Laptop Lock will help travelers secure their notebooks and other computing devices. It features a 3-digit combination lock with a steel cable that attaches itself to a standard laptop security port.

This sturdy product will help to get rid of laptop thefts while on the move.

2. Elleven Small Tech Trap

This product can be used to transport iPhones, iPads and a variety of other technology devices. Their cables can be secured as well. The logo imprint will appear below the zipper.

3. Bluetooth Keyboard

This keyboard is waterproof and can be rolled up to be taken anywhere. It connects to all kinds of handheld devices, ensuring that typing is easy with iPhones, iPads and android-based call phones.

4. Freedom Wireless Optical Mouse

This mouse deploys wireless RF technology and comes with an automatic power-saving sleep function for extra battery life. It has a compartment for storing a USB connector. AAA batteries are included.

5. Bluetooth Vibe Stereo Headset

This sleek and classy headset allows users to enjoy their music in style! It also ensures users have a convenient hands-free talking experience.

The rechargeable battery will last for 10 hours. This product comes with earpieces, a USB charger and a black pouch.

6. iPhone Case & Stand

This product is suitable for iPhone 4G and 4S. The case protects iPhones from scratches and keeps it safe. This product is available in several attractive colors. There are plenty of screen imprint colors available as well.


Contact us if you need more technology gift ideas. Our insights will help you choose innovative and marketing-friendly giveaways.