Innovative Tech-Water Bottle As A Fitness-Themed Gift

unique innovative promotional water bottle with custom logo printed - Branded Hydracoach BPA Free Sport Bottle 22oz With Personalization - 1
Logo Customized Hydracoach® BPA Free Innovative Sport Bottle 22oz – AS LOW AS $29.98

There is no doubt about the reliability offered by water bottles as marketing giveaways. They are usually large and offer impressive imprint area to feature a logo or message. Most bottles are used by recipients at either home or work, providing the advertiser with invaluable visibility. This product helps users maintain a healthy lifestyle by helping them remain hydrated through the day.

This unique promotional water bottle is also a great gift for technology enthusiasts!

We invite you to check out the Hydracoach® BPA Free Sport Bottle. It is high on technology, durability and utility value.

unique personalized sports fitness promotional gift - customized water bottle with digital display for fitness tracking - 2
Unique promotional fitness tracking sports and fitness bottle with personalized logo

Here are some highlights:

• Automatic calculation of the user’s recommended hydration goal
• Tracking of fluid consumed
• Display of fluid consumed
• BPA free
• Compact and easy to carry around
• Available in blue
• Bulk individual pricing ranges between $29.98 and $37.78

innovative sports technology combo promotional gifts for branding - business advertising product with custom logo personalization - 3
Stylish fashionable and trending sports fitness bottle for business branding

Order online or contact us to learn more about innovative sports gifts for branding. This unique personalized fitness gift will win your brand a lot of goodwill and visibility.

The Grigio 4-Piece Wine Bottle Set Is A Classy Client Gift


Sometimes it’s difficult to pick the right gift for clients. A lot of people search through a wide range of products to finally land on the right client gift.

At Brand Spirit, we understand the importance client gifts can have on businesses. The right gift will help establish strong, long-lasting connections with clients.

Promotional wine accessory set for maximum attention from clients


This 4-piece wine set comes with a spray rubber wine bottle case, waiter corkscrew, pourer/stopper combination, and drip ring. It is FDA compliant and is accompanied by a gift box.

4 in 1 wine accessory set with personalized logo branding - include corkscrew pourer stopper and drip ring - exclusive high end promotional gifts - 3


This customized unique wine accessory takes 5 working days for complete production. Individual bulk prices range from $11.08 to $12.58. Contact us if you need more insights on this product.

User-friendly Drone For Increased Brand Visibility!

Custom Logo Imprinted Remote Control Drone with Camera - High End Promotional Business Gifts For Branding - 1
Custom remote drone with camera – innovative tech gadget AS LOW AS $79.98

The utility and fun value offered by drones is unmatched in the technology world. They are used for a variety of purposes, from research and racing to video capturing. Drones are products that can easily connect with people. They offer an innovative value that is appreciated around the world.

The perfect drone to imprint a logo on

The drone featured here ranks among the hottest technology items of the season! This product’s primary highlight is an advanced stability system that ensures it maintains steady flight while in operation. This product is easy to fly – novices can quickly understand its operation after a couple of practice runs.

high end innovative technology promotional products - logo personalized drone with camera low budget advanced unique tech gifts - 2
Personalized camera drone with long lasting battery power

This drone can perform aerial flips that leave everybody spellbound. It can also take videos and photographs. It features a .5 MP camera. It has a flying time of 7 minutes and a maximum distance of 100 meters.

This product comes with a rechargeable battery, a 4GB SD card, an SD Card reader and a USB battery charging cable. Extra propellers are also provided.

personalized logo imprinted remote drone with camera - advanced innovative tech gadget for business promotion and branding - 5
Drone Remote Control

promotional drone with camera - most innovative technology gadgets for marketing for aviation industry - 3
Extra Propellers Provided

high end custom promotional products for aviation industry promotion - remote camera drone with logo personalization - 4
Exclusive Promotion Gadget


This custom logo imprinted drone with camera will take 5 working days for production. It is available in black. Place your order or contact us for more info on premium promotional products.

HCVR Glasses Are Irresistible Technology Giveaways

3D Virtual Reality Glasses with logo imprinted - personalized HCVR Glasses high end technology promotional product - 2
Experience 3D with custom logo printed virtual reality goggles – AS LOW AS $9.69

Virtual Reality (VR) is gaining in popularity like never before. The next decade will witness a huge spurt in demand for gadgets that facilitate VR-based entertainment. That is why we recommend our customers go for personalized HCVR Glasses, a product that provides users with quality 3D entertainment through movies, games and lots more!

custom logo imprinted 3D technology business gifts - unique innovative cool virtual reality gadgets for business marketing and branding - 3
HCVR Glasses – Personalized innovative and unique technology gadget

Use our 3D technology business gifts for an exhilarating marketing campaign

These custom promotional virtual reality goggles are designed to win people over. Use them to get a brand or product noticed. Here are some highlights:

new and fresh technology related personalized branding promotional items - virtual reality goggles with logo customization - 4
Virtual reality goggles – high end technology business branding gift

Can work with most smartphones
Ultra-soft interior lining for comfortable use
Head strap ensures tighter fitting if required
Allows user to get immersed in an exciting VR world
3 days for production
Bulk individual pricing between $9.68 and $9.89

custom promotional virtual reality goggles - HCVR Glasses with logo imprinted - fun 3d business gifts - 1
Logo imprinted virtual reality 3D goggles for technology giveaway

Order online or contact us to get these 3D Virtual Reality Glasses with logo imprinted and delivered to your doorstep.

Custom Branded T-shirt And Sunglass Combo Set

Custom printed T-shirts and logo’d sunglasses rank among some of the most popular branded promotional products in the world today. Individually, both these items have the capability to strike a chord with all kinds of target audiences.

This Gildan® T-Shirt And Sunglasses Combo Set brings the marketing goodness of both these products in one comprehensive set. The resulting branding power can highlight products, individuals and companies in a big way.

Opt for this combo set if you are looking for personalized tshirt deals that rank among the best online.

custom combo gift offers - special promotional product deals - personalized printed logo tshirt with sunglasses in gift box - brand spirit
Personalized Gildan® T-Shirt And Sunglasses Combo Set With Gift Box – A Special Promotional Item – AS LOW AS $8.29

Use Gildan’s reputation to highlight a logo and message

The t-shirt from Gildan offers high wearability and comfort levels. It is a great product to be worn outdoors, whether it’s to the office, party or camping trip. The accompanying sunglass is a scene-stealer capable of providing protection from the sun while highlight a message. Both these products come packed in a delightful gift box for maximum branding impact.

Your logo will be highlighted on the t-shirt and sunglass. The box will also feature your logo in a big way. Individual bulk prices are in the range of $8.29 to $12.61. Contact us if you need more insights on our custom combo gift offers.

This Fitness Tracker Does More Than Just Providing Exercising Data!

cool executive fitness tracking fashionable wristbands with custom logo - Fitness Tracker Bracelet by Brand Spirit-1
Personalized Executive Fitness Tracker Bracelet – AS LOW AS $29.99

“Stylish”, “Innovative” and “Informative” are some of the diverse words that aptly describe the Executive Fitness Tracker Bracelet! It’s a sleek-looking bracelet that offers a whole bouquet of features to aid fitness enthusiasts.

Available in an elegant black color, these personalized fitness wristbands aim to take fitness and marketing experiences to newer heights. The Executive Fitness Tracker Bracelet can be worn around a wrist or fitted with a carabiner for extra mobility.

This product’s USP is its looks – a large segment of the population will love to own and use it!

Available with 5 built-in modes.

stylish fitness tracking promotional bracelet for branding - Fitness Tracker Bracelet by Brand Spirit-2
Black color fitness tracker bracelet – latest technology gift item

This fitness tracker bracelet features exciting modes such as Calorie, Sleep, Distance, Goal and Step. It offers comprehensive functionality that helps exercisers stay firmly on the path to fitness excellence.

It’s compatible with Android and iOS versions and connects to a smart phone via Blutooth. An anti-loss alarm helps prevent theft or loss. Fitness progress can be tracked via a phone app for up to 7 days.

custom health wristbands for business promotion - Fitness Tracker Bracelet black color by Brand Spirit-3
Fashionable and trending personalized health bracelet

Your logo will be pad printed on this product. Each bracelet comes in a tuck box for extra gift giving impact. We will help to make these custom printed fitness bracelets truly yours. Available with bulk discounts, these exercise trackers will spearhead your branded gift project that targets executives regardless of their age.

Click here for additional product information or to request a sample today.

12,000 mAh Brookstone® Power Bank – Portable Power For Laptops & More

personalized power bank for laptop - Brookstone Power Bank - 12000 mAh
DC output provides up to 1.5 hours of power for your laptop (depending on model) or small home appliances up to 45W. 2.4 amp USB output charges your smartphone, tablet or other small device – AS LOW AS $129.99

The role played by laptops and handheld devices in the digital world cannot be praised enough. They are compact and handy gadgets that offer convenient computing on the move. Their immense popularity in the last decade has given birth to a new breed of business gift – personalized power banks.

It’s often a challenge to charge gadgets while traveling, especially in places where there are no power outlets. The product featured here is capable of providing gadget enthusiasts with a whole new level of convenience. It’s time to say goodbye to charging worries.

Give a warm welcome to the Brookstone® Power Bank!

This convenient product serves as a personal backup battery with in-built power outlets.

personalized power bank for laptop - Brookstone Power Bank - 12000 mAh-2
Full protection on the circuit board prevents overcharging and over-discharging. Power indicator tells you how much power is left in your backup battery

The Brookstone® Power Bank charges a variety of electronic items at the same time – from laptops and smartphones to lamps and game consoles. An AC adapter is included as well.

The 12000 mAh power bank comes with a drawstring pouch. The surface area for imprint is sufficient to get a logo and brand message noticed. Companies, institutions and clubs will find this product to be a worthy premium gift for clients or employees.

This product requires 10 working days for production and delivery. Several screen printing options are available for businesses with specific branding requirements.

Contact us if you have any questions on making this power bank an ambassador of your brand or cause.