3D Printing In The Promotional Products Industry

3D printing is a technological phenomenon that has been around for several decades. Earlier, 3D printing machines were crude and cumbersome – it made 3D printing an expensive affair. However, the last decade witnessed several advancements in the 3D printing world. The process has become simpler, quicker and cost-efficient. Big corporations such as Nike and Microsoft have relied on 3D printing to highlight their brand.

It was only a matter of time before the promotional products industry embraced 3D printing.

What exactly is 3D printing?

3D printing is a revolutionary technique that redefined the way objects are manufactured. Let’s go through a brief intro on how 3D printing works:

Step 1: A digital drawing of the desired product is created via advanced CAD software.

Step 2: The digital drawing is provided as input to a 3D printer.

Step 3: The printer works with a spool of plastic to create intricate designs
i. It melts the plastic and deposits it on a plate.
ii. The plastic output creates a pre-defined shape layer-by-layer.

Step 4: All layers add up to create the perfect giveaway.

3D printing in the promotional products industry

3D printing has definitely added a dash of innovation to personalized giveaways:

• Any creative product can be designed and manufactured: There is no limit to the creativity that can be realized with 3D printing. The list of 3D printed giveaways is huge – from toys and desktop items.

• Manufacturing time is significantly reduced: Manufacture and personalization time of 3D items are significantly lesser than that of conventional ones.

• No inventory hassles: A 3D product can be quickly manufactured based on orders received. There is no need to keep them stocked in the inventory.

• Inexpensive pricing: 3D products are reasonably priced and can bought in bulk without hurting your marketing budget.

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Promotional Products Are The Most Powerful Brand Marketing Tools!

Many businesses do not realize the importance of investing in promotional products. They often use expensive and unreliable modes of marketing to get their message across. At the end of the day, you need your target audience to recognize you instantly – promotional items can help you achieve this better than any other marketing channel!

In this article, we will go through 5 reasons why promotional products offer the best marketing channel to get your message across.

1. You get better Return on Investment (ROI)

Distributing giveaways is a lot cheaper than spending on other marketing channels. TV, print, social media and radio ads usually involve a lot of money. Giveaways are low-priced, giving you the opportunity to purchase them in thousands without spending too much from your marketing budget.
You will be able to achieve the ROI you always dreamt of!

2. You get a marketing tool that lasts a long time!

Giveaways are attractive and can be put to use at home or office. There are high chances they will be used for a really long time! Whether it’s pencils, mugs or bags, the giveaways you personalize will quickly strike a chord with your audience.

These products will be promoting your brand long after you gave them out!


3. You get widespread visibility

Let’s imagine you imprinted your logo on bags. Your brand gets noticed wherever these bags are taken! Count on giveaways as mini-billboards to highlight your brand!

4. You get to choose from a wide range of products

At Brand Spirit, you have access to thousands of giveaways. All you have to do is choose one product that matches your branding requirement. We will take care of the rest! You could also ask us for facts & insights on the products we sell. This will help you finalize a product that’s best suited for your industry.

5. You easily win the approval of your target audience

Everybody loves receiving freebies, especially if they are attractive and useful. Count on giveaways to establish a quick connection with your target audience. Distribute giveaways at offices, retail stores or any event to highlight your brand in style.

We hope this article convinces you to opt for promotional products to power your next marketing campaign!

Make An Audible Brand Statement With Custom Sound Buttons

custom printed desktop sound module button red
Micro Sound Desk Button custom printed – as low as $5.84

Take your brand marketing to the next level with custom sound buttons that play a custom 10-second recording when pressed.  These custom message sound button are a novel promotional vehicle to relay most any marketing message.  Marketers can create an appealing message that will not only be fun for users to play over and over, but can also tie back into the brand.  In the example shown above, the message is “bank on it”.  This phrase can also be used in a humorous, conversational manner on the desktop, encouraging repeated use while reinforcing the brand message.

The micro sound desk button shown above is the most cost-effective size at 2 3/16″ diameter x 1 1/4″.  It includes a one color custom print on the top of the button or the side. Choose from red, blue or white.

Big sound buttons are also available at a size of 4 1/2″ diameter x 2 1/4″.

Compression Arm Sleeves Are Coveted Giveaways At Sporting Events

custom printed graphics arm sleeve compression
Full color printed Prosleeve Arm Sleeve – as low as $5.98

Customized compression sleeves are one of those giveaway items that get snatched up quickly by sports fans and athletes alike.  Not only are they a fun wearable to show fans’ team spirit, they also serve practical functions such as UV protection to keep athletes cool in the sun and moisture management to keep people warm when inactive.

The Prosleeve arm sleeve shown above is made in the USA and includes your full color custom graphics over the entire sleeve.  Since the imprint is sublimated onto the sleeve, it feels just as soft as the polyester/spandex fabric.  It also stretches to fit most any adult.

One of the benefits to ordering these USA made sports sleeves is that you can order as few as 25 and have them produced in just 2 weeks. This particular style is sold as single sleeves.

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Branded Glow Sticks Help Nighttime Events Come Alive

cheap low cost glow wands sticks promotional branded
Custom Printed 4″ Premium Glow Light Stick – as low as $.64

Glow sticks bring nighttime events and activities to life.  The illuminated colors bring an element of energy and excitement to parties, holidays, concerts and other nighttime events.

These 4-inch glow sticks as shown above are available in several colors including: Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Orange, Aqua or White.  Priced at just $.64 – $.70 each, the include a 1-color custom printed logo.

Glow stick are made for one time use and glow for approximately 6-8 hours. Pre-attached caps, useful for hanging the glow sticks, are included. All it takes to activate the stick is a simple snap and shake.

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