Personalized Bumper Stickers For A Quality Political Campaign

Make use of personalized bumper stickers to share your political messages. Support a candidate by distributing custom printed political stickers at events and gatherings. You could use these stickers for country-wide political campaigns or ones that are focused in your local area.

Promote candidates of your choice by having them featured on these stickers. Get in touch with us for bulk campaign stickers with customization that meet your political interests.

Custom Printed Political Campaign Adhesive Bumper Sticker Decal - UV-Coated Vinyl - Logo personalized low price giveaway items in bulk - 1
Custom Imprinted Political Campaign Bumper Sticker For Marketing – AS LOW AS $0.26

These campaign stickers feature a rectangular shape and are printed in full-color. Make use of the entire surface area to feature your political message. These stickers can be stuck on smooth surfaces. A highlight of these bumper stickers is that they can be easily removed without leaving adhesive residue behind.

Personalized Political Campaign Adhesive Medium Size Bumper Sticker For Marketing - UV-Coated Vinyl - Bulk promotional low budget giveaway for cheap - 2
Medium and large size bumber stickers for political campaigns with personalized message – AS LOW AS $0.32

The stickers are available in the following sizes, ideal giveaway gift for elections.

1. Political Campaign Bumper Sticker / Decal – UV-Coated Vinyl – 8.625×2.5

2. Political Campaign Bumper Sticker – UV-Coated Vinyl (10.5×2.625)

3. Political Campaign Bumper Sticker – UV-Coated Vinyl (11×3)

Get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding these stickers. We can provide valuable insights on how they can benefit your political campaigns.

Cup Holder Kit As A Giveaway Aimed At Travelers

Automotive accessories that add convenience while on the move are always welcome as gifts. We are featuring such a product here to target clients looking to impress people who drive to work. The personalized cups with coasters featured here are hugely popular among our customers. They are full color cups with coasters that can be used in moving vehicles that have a cup holder.

Company Logo Personalized Cup Holder Kit 2 coaster - Cheap inexpensive custom combo giveaway promotional item for business advertising - 1
Cup Holder Kit 2 – Custom Logo Printed Cup with Coasters – AS LOW AS $4.50

Promotional car gifts for giveaways

This economically priced product is available for individual bulk prices ranging between $4.50 and $6.01. This tissue to-go cup comes with 2 absorbent car coasters. These tissues can be used by anybody travelling in a car. It can also be used on a golf cart, truck or boat. The accompanying lid is available in 2 colors. Pick the color that best suits your branding needs.

You can place an order conveniently online. Or you can get in touch with us to learn more about this custom printed cup holder with logo.

Trend Earbuds Offer High Audio Clarity & Brand Visibility

Who doesn’t love music? The right song can help a person lift his mood by several notches. You can help others enjoy their music by distributing these Trend Earbuds branded with your logo. These compact and cute-looking promotional earbuds has all that it takes to promote your branded message.

popular personalized logo earphone with microphone - custom multi color promotional Trend Earbuds plus Mic - 1
Trend Earbuds + Mic – Bestseller Technology Giveaway Gift – AS LOW AS $5.20

Compatible with all kinds of devices

The Trend Earbud can be used with smartphones, tablets, music players and video games. This personalized earphone with microphone is a user-friendly product that can be carried around with ease.

Featuring crystal-clear audio, this product also comes with a mic to ensure users are able to answer calls. A major highlight of this product is the mind-boggling selection of colors. You can pick a color for the cord and cap – there are more than dozen colors to choose from!

custom logo printed earbuds with mic for business branding - Trend Earbuds plus Mic low price tech giveaway item - 2
In-ear promotional earphone in dozens of different colors

This product takes 7 working days to complete production. Potential buyers will be pleased with the extra savings earned through the Free Set-Up and Free Full Color Print offers available with this product.

Individual bulk prices are in the range of $5.20 to $6.94.

Get in touch with us to personalize these earbuds. Our insights will help you use this product to highlight a message, brand or individual.

Promote Your Cause With Wristbands Printed In Full Color

Low Price Arm Bandit Awareness Custom Faux Leather Wristbands - bulk discount bracelets by Brand Spirit
Custom Printed Arm Bandit™ wristbands with logo – AS LOW AS $1.20

For years, customized wrist bracelets have helped spread word about social awareness campaigns, products and people. The reasons for the immense popularity enjoyed by promotional wristbands are its economical pricing, trendiness and easy distribution. Logo’s wristbands also provide valuable visibility for the message they carry by attracting the attention of onlookers.

There are many wristband varieties available. You will find them in all kinds of sizes and colors. Silicone bracelets in particular have been all the rage for many years. If you’re looking for something different, new and unique, these custom faux leather bracelets are high on style as well as functionality.

The Arm Bandit™ is like nothing you have seen before

The vinyl Arm Bandit™ is flexible and features a snap adjustable for an easy fit on most wrist sizes. It offers a 4-color process print on both sides for maximum custom branding opportunities. They can be distributed in person or by mail. Best of all, recipients will readily wear these trendy accessories to work or wherever they go!

Individual prices range between $1.20 and $1.49 depending on the bulk quantity ordered.

Place an order online for these personalized wristbands or contact us directly to learn more about these full color leather bracelets.

Pieceless Puzzle – It’s A Puzzle And A Mousepad

jigsaw puzzle mousepad with custom logo imprinted - Promotional Pieceless Puzzle 5 Square Unique Mousepad
The continuous puzzle mouse pad pulls apart into one piece – so it won”t end up in bits and pieces – AS LOW AS $2.25

Mouse pads used to be one of the top promotional giveaway around a decade ago. Somehow along the years, marketers have left these handy advertising tools off the table (no pun intended) and have moved on to newer ideas. But mousepads still offer tremendous function for users and the need for mousepads has not gone away.

This new puzzle mousepad even goes a step further and combines the stress-relieving pastime component of a puzzle with the added function of a mousepad once the puzzle has been assembled. And it’s a pieceless puzzle so no pieces will be lost along the way.

jigsaw puzzle mousepad with custom logo imprinted - Promotional Pieceless Puzzle 5 Square Unique Mousepad-2
Once you get connected, it can be used as a mouse mat or coaster!

Here are some highlights of this unique puzzle mousepad:

Can function as a mouse pad (or even a coaster)
Jigsaw puzzle mouse pad
Puzzle can be pulled apart without ending up in pieces
Printed in 4 color process
Only 5 days production time
Bulk prices are as low as $2.25

Mousepads are one of the best advertising tools you can have since they offer a huge imprint with full color printing capabilities. Plus they are sit on a users’ desk all day, 5 days a week.

Contact us today for more information on these personalized mouse pads.

Sports Writing Pads by JournalBooks® – Stationery Ready For Marketing Impact

Mini writing pads have a certain novelty about them. They are compact, cute-looking and easy to carry around. You will find mini writing pads based on several themes, including sports-themed mini journal like the ones featured here.

Journalbooks® is a leading journal creator in the USA. The company deploys years of craftsmanship to build some of the world’s finest books. Prospective buyers representing businesses, educational institutions, sports teams or charity organizations can rely on these custom ball shaped notebooks for a noteworthy marketing campaign.

Here are the Journalbooks® promotional sports notepads currently available:

1. SportsPad – Baseball, Paperboard

custom sports writing pad with logo - SportsPad - Baseball, Paperboard-1
The front cover is the textured sports theme design, black chip back cover and black binding wire are standard – AS LOW AS $4.32

2. SportsPad – Baseball, Full-Color

custom sports writing pad with logo - SportsPad - Baseball, Full-Color-2
Full-Color Baseball Sports Pad printed digitally on smooth 120# Gloss Cover stock with film laminate, mounted on white paperboard – AS LOW AS $4.87

3. SportsPad – Basketball, Paperboard

custom sports writing pad with logo - SportsPad - SportsPad - Basketball, Paperboard-3
An optional Astor pen can be purchased and inserted into the wire binding. Price includes one color foil imprint – AS LOW AS $4.32

4. SportsPad – Football, Paperboard

custom sports writing pad with logo - SportsPad - SportsPad - Football, Paperboard-4
Price includes one-foil color imprint up to 16 square inches. Made in the USA – AS LOW AS $4.32

5. SportsPad – Basketball, Full-Color

custom sports writing pad with logo - SportsPad - SportsPad - Basketball, Full-Color-5
The size is a 5″ diameter with 60 sheets blank, 60# quality paper – AS LOW AS $4.87

6. SportsPad – Football, Full-Color

custom sports writing pad with logo - SportsPad - SportsPad - Football, Full-Color-6
By Journalbooks® “America’s Premier Journal Innovators” – AS LOW AS $4.87

And here are some of the highlights of these useful mini journals:

☛ Can be used to jot down notes anywhere
☛ Each pad consists of 60 sheets
☛ Made of 60# high-quality paper
☛ All products feature 5” diameter except for the football shaped pad (7″ x 4″)
☛ Front cover features a sport ball design
☛ Optional Astor pen available in the following colors – Black, Silver, Red
☛ Several color options available for the wire binding – Black, Bronze, Pewter, White
☛ 7-10 days production time for personalization after receiving proof approval

Order online or contact us to personalize these sports writing pads.

ChargeHub Universal 7-Port Charging Station – CES 2016 Prize Winner

custom printed usb mini hub with logo ChargeHub Universal 7-Port Charging Station
Winner “Best of CES 2016”, the ChargeHub™ provides 7 USB dedicated charging ports and 44 Watts of total power delivery – AS LOW AS $49.95

Our lives have become much more connected and efficient with the advent of smart phones and tablets. While these electronic devices are convenient to use, they also require a good deal of power throughout the day. When used often, the battery life on most phones and tablets are usually not able to stay charged for the entire day.

Enter the ChargeHub Universal 7-Port Charging Station. This powerful USB charging hub was declared winner of the “Best of CES 2016” prize, beating several other prestigious tech gadget stars.

custom printed usb mini hub with logo ChargeHub Universal 7-Port Charging Station 2
Charge up to 7 simultaneously connected phones, tablets and other mobile devices. It also includes patent-pending SmartSpeed™ Technology
custom printed usb mini hub with logo ChargeHub Universal 7-Port Charging Station 3
Allow any port to charge the connected device at its maximum charging speed, regardless of whether it is an Apple iOS or Android device. Includes a full color printed logo.

With a custom, full color logo featured prominently on the hub, it’s an excellent business gift or premium idea for marketers. These charging stations will be welcome at homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, bars or other establishments.

Here are some of the highlights of this personalized 7 port USB hub:

• 7 dedicated USB charging ports
• Connects cell phones, tablets and other handheld devices (iOS and Android)
• Features patent-pending SmartSpeed™ Technology (it allows all ports to charge at highest charging capacity)
• Available in both round and square shapes in colors such as: black, pink, white, red, blue, purple and green to coordinate with your brand colors.

Click here for more info on this custom printed USB mini hub. Or contact us directly for additional promotional gift ideas.