5 Unique Promotional Pens

There is no doubt about the efficiency of pens as marketing giveaways. Most pens distributed as freebies offer a quality writing and marketing experience. Pens are usually retained for a long time, especially if they look good or have a unique quality about them. The products featured here are all unique promotional pens designed to give users an enjoyable writing experience and highlight your logo at the same time.

4-in-1 logo personalized beverage buddy pen - unique multi function promotional logo pen for business advertising - twist pen with bottle opener and magnet - 1
4-in-1 Beverage Buddy Multi Function Promotional Logo Pen For Branding – AS LOW AS $1.25

1. 4-in-1 Beverage Buddy

This pen features a bottle open, a magnet and a soda can tab lifter. It is a twist-action ballpoint pen that writes well and lasts for years.

Spinning Globe Promotional Themed Pen With Company Logo Personalization - Unique innovative low price cheap budget giveaway gifts for advertising - 2
Spinning Globe Logo Imprinted Pen – Low Price Tradeshow Giveaway – AS LOW AS $0.99

2. Spinning Globe Pen

This pen has a tiny globe at the top. It features click-action mechanism and the globe can be flicked whenever recipients get bored.

Logo Personalized Jackpot Promotional Pens With Company Logo Customization - Cool unique custom branded pens for low price cheap business giveaways - 3
Jackpot Pen With Custom Logo Personalization – AS LOW AS $2.79

3. Jackpot Pen

This pen comes with a push top that spins similar to the ones found in casino slot machines. There are 6 jackpot icons to choose from. Recipients will find these pens useful.

Fortune Message Decision Maker Promotional Logo Pen - Unique cool multi function personalized giveaway pens for business advertising and marketing - 4
Fortune Message Decision Maker Custom Logo Imprinted Unique Pen – AS LOW AS $0.89

4. Fortune Message Pen

This pen doubles up as a decision maker. Jot down a note and click to find a favorable answer. This is the list of answers: “Looks promising”, “Ask Again”, ”Absolutely”, “No doubt about it”, “Not likely”, and “It is possible”. The answer appears in the window barrel.

Lighted Economy Standard Logo Promotional Pen For Business Marketing and Advertising - Unique multi function customized pens for branding - 5
Lighted Economy Standard Innovative Logo Gift Pens – AS LOW AS $1.89

5. Lighted Economy Standard Pen

This pen is economical and reliable. Users can click or twist to write. It features a multi-color LED and a silver cap.

Place your order online for these fun giveaway pens or contact us for additional ideas today!

Braided Charging Cables – Durable And Innovative Giveaways

These days demand is high for new technology promotional products to help power up marketing campaigns. Along with innovative speakers, phone stands and stylus pens, charging cables are also often sought to for use as business gifts. This multi-function charging cable can be ordered in bulk and custom printed with a logo. It is durable, attractive and offers excellent utility value.

company logo personalized braided lightning charging cable - cool new fresh promotional technology accessory for mobile phones - low price bulk giveaways - 1
Braided Charging Cables With Custom Logo Branding – AS LOW AS $2.79
2 in 1 braided usb charging cable for android and iphone with company advertising - logo imprinted bulk promotional gifts - cheap new tech products - 1-2
2 in 1 Charging Cable for iphone and Android

Here are some highlights of this promotional product:

• Long-lasting braided cables
• Features an Android Micro USB connector and an iPhone® 6pin adapter
• Protective cover secures the cables
• Compatible with a wide range of mobile devices
• Available in Blue, Black and Red

logo customized braided multi color promotional charging usb cable for android and iphone - innovative uique mobile phone accessories with personalized branding - 1-3
Braided Charging Cables With Business Logo Personalization

Order online and get in touch with us if you need this logo personalized mobile charging cable to represent your brand. Happy Shopping!

Power Up On/Off Bracelet – On Sale Until December 31

Bracelets and wristbands are fashionable accessories renowned for their longevity and ease of use. When branded, they are perfect for announcing a new product, awareness campaign or store launch. An attractive looking bracelet will find favor with people and they will be keen to wear them often.

Attractive wearable at a pleasing price

Power Up On Off Promotional Bracelet - Light up bracelet with company logo imprinted - Cool fashionable giveaway gifts - Discount on sale items - 1
Light Up On-Off Bracelet – On Sale Promotional Products – AS LOW AS $1.85

The Power Up On/Off Bracelet featured here is not like any conventional bracelet. You can count on this bracelet with flashing lights for a boost in brand visibility at night, whether it’s outdoors or indoors, at parties, nightclubs and other nighttime events. During the day time hours, this bright bracelet will make a strong fashion statement.

This product comes with flashlight LED lights. They light up when switched on. Its one-size-fits-all functionality will ensure none will be discarded. Place an order for logo customized bracelets and distribute them at parties, concerts and other outdoor events.

Contact us for more information on these bulk light up bracelets. Use our range of on sale promotional products to fuel your marketing campaign.

Daily Use Promotional Gifts Just $2 Or Less

Businesses often seek budget friendly promotional products for branding. Just because an item comes with a low price tag doesn’t mean that it isn’t high on function. Cheap business giveaways still offer incredible brand visibility and big bang for your buck.

Featured here are several low-priced giveaways that can be used on a daily basis. All these products come with your custom logo, are priced below $2 and serve as effective brand reminders.

Company Logo Personalized Lycra Card Sleeve - Low price smart phone 2 in 1 promotional giveaways - cheap budget friendly mobile tech gifts - 1
Lycra Card Sleeve – Daily Use Giveaway Gifts – AS LOW AS $1.65

1. Lycra Card Sleeve

This sleeve uses a reliable adhesive to stick to the back of phones. It is ideal for carrying IDs, business cards, credit cards, cash or room keys.

PolyPro Branded Non-Woven Drawstring Cinch With Business Logo Printed - Low price cheap stylish promotional bags for marketing - 2
PolyPro Non-Woven Cinch – Cool Inexpensive Giveaway Item – AS LOW AS $1.88
Logo Personalized PolyPro Non-Woven Drawstring Cinch Bags - Budget friendly fashion giveaway bags for custom branding - 2-2
Cheap Logo Personalized Drawstring Bags

2. PolyPro Non-Woven Cinch

This product features a large compartment with a cinch top. It has a drawstring design that ensures users can carry them anywhere with ease. It is also eco-friendly and the perfect alternative to plastic bags.

Custom Logo Printed USB Flexi-Light For Branding - Cheap low price computer technology personalized giveaway gifts for daily use - 3
USB Flexi-Light – Budget Friendly Technology Advertising Accessories – AS LOW AS $1.99

3. USB Flexi-Light

This product features extra bright LED light. It also features a bendable cable that makes it convenient to use anywhere. This product can be connected to a PC, laptop or any USB-enabled devices.

The Custom Logo Printed Unique Bing Screen Cleaner with Pen Stylus - Cool technology giveaway for low price business advertising - cheap giveaway gifts - 4
The Bing Screen Cleaner with Pen Stylus – Cool Tech Giveaway For Cheap – AS LOW AS $1.09
Company Logo Personalized Bing Screen Cleaner with Pen Stylus - Promotional technology mobile tab gifts for advertising in bulk - low price cheap items - 4-2
Custom Printed Smart Phone and Tablet Accessories In Bulk

4. The Bing Screen Cleaner with Pen-Stylus

This product features a ballpoint pen, a microfiber screen cleaner and a stylus tip. Its multiple uses make it a giveaway that is difficult to ignore.

Custom Logo Imprinted Stylus Grip Advertising Pens in Bulk - Popular low price cheap giveaway gifts for business branding - budget friendly bestseller items - 5
Branded Stylus Grip Pen – Popular Low Budget Office Giveaway – AS LOW AS $0.59

5. Stylus Grip Pen

This pen features a twist-action mechanism. It is available in blue or black ink. It looks great and the dual function will find favor with recipients.

Logo Personalized Kickstand Smart Phone Wallet in Bulk for Advertising - Cool promotional giveaway gifts for cheap - low price tech accessories - 6
Kickstand Smart Phone Wallet – Everyday Promotional Products – AS LOW AS $1.29

6. Kickstand SmartPhone Wallet

This product can hold 3 IDs or credit cards. It is made of soft silicone and has 3M tape that can be easily attached to cell phones. The kickstand can be used for convenient viewing. There are several colors available.

Did you like these giveaways? Order online or contact us to personalize the product of your choice.

4 Custom Branded LED Safety Lights That Shows Your Caring Side

LED safety lights or reflectors are great tools to highlight brands. They look good and come with features that help consumers establish a connection with the advertising brand. Featured here are 4 products that will illuminate your brand’s advertising campaign in a big way. Choose the right one that meets the unique taste of your target audience.

Custom Logo Personalized LED Safety Light in Bulk - Cool innovative technology branding giveaway gifts - fitness running workout accessories - low price cheap inexpensive - 1
LED Safety Light – Popular Sports Fitness Promotional Product – AS LOW AS $3.98

Logo Printed LED Safety Promotional Neon Light For Business Advertising - Innovative cool tech gadget accessory - online discount sales fitness gym giveaway gifts - 1-2
Ideal Sports Fitness Giveaway

Promotional LED Safety Light With Logo Personalization - Customized fitness giveaways for advertising - Innovative gadget for company branding - discount low price gifts - 1-3
Low Budget Fitness Accessory

Logo Personalized LED Safety Light For Business Marketing - Budget friendly giveaway gifts for advertising - Unique cool tech gadgets for athletes sports promotional products - 1-4
Cool & Innovative Fitness Gifts

1. LED Safety Light

This customizable promotional product is great for fitness enthusiasts, especially those who jog or run outdoors in the dark. This one-size-fits-most LED light will securely attach itself to the back of most shoes. This product comes in either a black clip with a white ‘on’ button or a white clip with a blue ‘on’ button. It offers flashing or steady mode for maximum visibility. This product is sold individually.

Promotional Safety LED Shoe Clip Reflector - Outdoor fitness giveaway gifts online - bulk advertising items for sports and fitness promotion - low price cheap discount sales - 2-2
Safety LED Shoe Clip With Company Logo Imprinted – AS LOW AS $3.89
Custom Promotional Safety LED Shoe Clip With Company Logo - Bulk outdoor sports fitness giveaway gifts - low price cheap budget friendly advertising and branding items - 2
Promotional Gifts for Sports & Fitness Advertising

2. Safety LED Shoe Clip

This is another great product for use outdoors. It features a steady or blinking mode and attaches easily to heels.

Cool Innovative Customized Magnetic Safety Reflector Light - Business logo imprinted sports promotion giveaway gifts for advertising - low price cheap inexpensive merchandise - 3-2
Magnetic Safety Reflector Light – Fitness Marketing Giveaway – AS LOW AS $2.99
Company Logo Personalized Magnetic Safety Reflector Promotional Light For Advertising - Custom sports giveaway in bulk - low price cheap budget friendly tech gifts - 3
Magnetic LED safety light for outdoor & sports marketing

3. Magnetic Safety Reflector Light

This product features dual function with steady white and blinking red LED light. There is a push button on the side to switch light modes.

Custom Logo Imprinted Tri-Function Bicycle Reflector With Clip - low price bulk business giveaway gifts for advertising - personalized sports and fitness accessories - 4
Logo Personalized Tri-Function Bicycle Reflector With Clip – AS LOW AS $1.99

4. Tri-Function Reflector With Clip

This product comes with 3 different light settings – Blinking, Flashing and Steady. This product easily attaches itself to belts and backpacks. It is a welcome product for fitness lovers.

Let any of our logo personalized led reflectors showcase your brand! Order led safety light in bulk for maximum brand visibility.

3 Funny Stress Relievers To Highlight Your Brand

Businesses in need of unique stress relievers in bulk will love the stress relievers featured here. Each funny stress reliever with logo customization brings a smile on the recipient’s face, ensuring he/she remembers the advertiser for a long time.

Go through the 3 stress relievers and choose one to highlight your brand. Associating yourself with a natural stress reliever for branding is a good idea because people begin to link a lot of goodwill with your brand. They will remember your brand often while fighting their stress away! All these stress relievers are individually priced in the range of $1.98 to $2.88.

Custom Promotional Funny Happy Mood Dude Stress Reliever - Cool giveaway gifts for logo branding - unique stress balls for business advertising - 1
Happy Mood Dude™ Stress Reliever – Cool Giveaway Gifts – AS LOW AS $1.98

1. Happy Mood Dude™ Stress Reliever

This stress reliever is a happy face with a lot of positive attitude. It can help users fight stress at offices or homes.

Logo Personalized Promotional Shocked Mood Dude Stress Reliever - Emoticon smiley human face stress balls in bulk - custom branding giveaway tradeshow gifts - 2
Shocked Mood Dude™ Stress Reliever – Unique Branding Giveaway – AS LOW AS $1.98

2. Shocked Mood Dude™ Stress Reliever

This stress reliever is a shocked face determined to bring chuckles on everybody’s faces. Users can hope to have a better day at work or home by just staring at this stressed face!

Logo Customized Anxious Mood Dude Pormotional Stress Reliever For Advertising - Low price bulk giveaway gifts - Cheap business items - 3
Anxious Mood Dude™ Stress Reliever – Low Price Marketing Gifts – AS LOW AS $1.98

3. Anxious Mood Dude™ Stress Reliever

This stress reliever is an anxious face capable of helping others feel better. Users will have one look at this face and all life worries will disappear!

Place an order for any of these products online or get in touch with us for more fun giveaway ideas. We will be glad to help you plan for your next marketing campaign.

Uniquely Shaped Promotional Key Chains

The themed promotional keychains featured here will help your brand logo stand out in the crowd. All of them are in unique shapes and sizes, allowing you to use them for specific branding purposes. What’s more, all these key chains are priced at an individual bulk price of only around $1.00.

Heart Shape Key Chain with personalized message - love keychains for branding for events weddings school anniversary and other promotional events - 1
Custom Heart Shape Key Chain – Low Budget Giveaway Items – AS LOW AS $0.88

1. Heart Key Chain

This cute looking key chain is aimed at the young at heart. Distribute them at schools, universities and offices where there are a lot of youth present. You can also give away these heart-shaped key chains to celebrate life events such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays.

Available colors include Blue, Black, Gold, Purple, Red and Green.

Mustache Shape Key Chain With Bottle Opener - Cheap giveaway fun gifts for branding - cool advertising items for low price - promo items under dollar 1 - 2
Mustache Shape Key Chain With Bottle Opener – Cool Pocket Accessories – AS LOW AS $0.90

2. Mustache Key Chain / Bottle Opener

This key chain can be used a fun giveaway that brings a big smile on everybody’s faces. It features a key chain and bottle opener combo. It is made of black anodized aluminum and comes with individual poly bagging.

Logo Customized Acoustic Guitar Shape Key Chain Plus Bottle Opener - Business message imprinted keychain - low price inexpensive fundraiser giveaways - 3
Custom Printed Acoustic Guitar Shape KeyChain Plus Bottle Opener – Low Budget Branding Gifts – AS LOW AS $0.88

3. Acoustic Guitar Key Chain / Bottle Opener

This guitar-shaped key chain is a great giveaway for musical enthusiasts. It will find favor with the young and old alike.

Custom Printed Car Shape KeyChain With Bottle Opener - Business giveaways gifts for cheap - promotional products under $1 - marketing and advertising giveaways - 4
Personalized Car Shape KeyHolder With Bottle Opener – Cheap Giveaway Items – AS LOW AS $0.90

4. Car Key Chain / Bottle Opener

This car-shaped key chain is a great promotional tool for businesses in the automobile and insurance sectors. This unique car shape will help recipients remember your business more often.

Order any of these custom shape keychains for branding purposes. Order online or contact us directly to personalize these 2 in 1 keyholders with custom logo.