3D Printing In The Promotional Products Industry

3D printing is a technological phenomenon that has been around for several decades. Earlier, 3D printing machines were crude and cumbersome – it made 3D printing an expensive affair. However, the last decade witnessed several advancements in the 3D printing world. The process has become simpler, quicker and cost-efficient. Big corporations such as Nike and Microsoft have relied on 3D printing to highlight their brand.

It was only a matter of time before the promotional products industry embraced 3D printing.

What exactly is 3D printing?

3D printing is a revolutionary technique that redefined the way objects are manufactured. Let’s go through a brief intro on how 3D printing works:

Step 1: A digital drawing of the desired product is created via advanced CAD software.

Step 2: The digital drawing is provided as input to a 3D printer.

Step 3: The printer works with a spool of plastic to create intricate designs
i. It melts the plastic and deposits it on a plate.
ii. The plastic output creates a pre-defined shape layer-by-layer.

Step 4: All layers add up to create the perfect giveaway.

3D printing in the promotional products industry

3D printing has definitely added a dash of innovation to personalized giveaways:

• Any creative product can be designed and manufactured: There is no limit to the creativity that can be realized with 3D printing. The list of 3D printed giveaways is huge – from toys and desktop items.

• Manufacturing time is significantly reduced: Manufacture and personalization time of 3D items are significantly lesser than that of conventional ones.

• No inventory hassles: A 3D product can be quickly manufactured based on orders received. There is no need to keep them stocked in the inventory.

• Inexpensive pricing: 3D products are reasonably priced and can bought in bulk without hurting your marketing budget.

Want to learn more about 3D giveaways? Contact us to find out more.

10 Gifting Ideas For Geeks

Some promotional campaigns require marketers to be extra creative to connect with their audience. Featured in this article are 10 business giveaway ideas designed to pleasantly surprise the geek in all of us.

These gifting ideas are powered by innovation and feature functionality that ensures they will be enjoyed for a long time. Your logo will also be prominently featured on each item suggested here. They are the perfect gifts for geeks who are on top of their game.

Choose one or more of these gifts to launch a memorable campaign at trade shows, meetings, product launches and more.

1. Thinking putty

Highly recommended as a stress reliever, this customizable product gets noticed wherever it is placed. This unique putty will keep hands busy and minds active. Distribute Thinking Putty among employees or customers to help them spend their free time at work better.

This product is available in a range of visually appealing colors.


2. Puzzle Robot

This robot can serve as a puzzle and wind-up toy. Users will have fun assembling the robot by punching out pieces from sheets. They can wind up the robot to watch him walk as well.


3. Pokket Wireless Mouse

Featuring an innovative design, this wireless mouse has a base made of satin silver. Your logo will be lit up with an LED whenever the mouse is in use.

This product comes in an attractive gift box.


4. Fooseball Desktop Game

An absolute fun giveaway, this product will be put to use on desks at homes or offices. It is compact and portable, giving users a great time wherever they are.


5. Animal Benders

The Duck Bender is a cute-looking stress reliever. It comes along with an impressive barnyard. Users can twist the body into any position to fight stress and spend their free time better.


6. Animal Poppers

The cute Animal Popper shoots a soft foam ball from its belly at the press of a button. This product will divert handy attention towards your brand.


7. Elleven Electronics Manager

This product can be used to manage and secure electronic devices, chargers and wires. It’s a handy product that ensures all electronic items are safely kept in one place for later use.


8. Farkel Dice Game

Considered to be the world’s best dice game, Farkel is suitable for people of all ages. This addictive game will impress your customers! Your logo can be printed on either the case, the dice or both!


9. Isotoner Touchscreen Gloves

This glove features a conductive thread on the thumb and index finger to transmit electrical impulses. It provides greater grip and convenience while using touchscreen devices.


10. Eleven Amped Checkpoint Friendly backpack

This spacious backpack features several pockets to secure a laptop, documents, bottles and several other personal belongings. It is a technology-friendly bag with slots to store electronic devices.


Need more ideas? Contact us today and let us know how we can match you with the best products to appeal to your geeky audience.

All You Need To Know About Promotional Cigars & Accessories

Promotional cigars are refined business gifts. They are considered to be quality reminders of a business, helping companies establish personal relationships with clients and prospects.

Why should you opt for cigars as marketing tools?

Research shows that USA had an estimated 12.4 million cigar smokers in 2013. It’s a figure that is increasing with every passing year.

Customized Cigars offer a refined taste that finds favor with a wide ranging audience of all ages and both genders. The last decade witnessed many businesses relying on cigars to improve client relationships. Cigars are strong flavored and serve as quality marketing tools.

Which cigars should you opt for?

personalized-promotional-cigarsAre you looking for reputed cigars for marketing purposes? Featured below are 2 cigars we recommend considering for your next business gift or marketing project:

1. Briarmont Classic Cigar

Made from Dominican tobacco and presented in Connecticut wrapper, the Briarmont Classic is highly sought after by cigar enthusiasts around the world. It offers a classic taste and is a great accompaniment after meals. It looks good and will serve as the perfect brand ambassador. A customized band is included.

2. Briarmont Reserve Cigar

Looking for a more premium product? This cigar is considered to be the best Cuban cigar that’s not made in Cuba! It provides the user with a smooth and creamy flavor. This cigar is designed by connoisseurs for connoisseurs!

What about cigar accessories?

Cigar accessories also make fine business gifts. Here are a few suggestions to consider:

1. Rosewood Piano Finish Humidor

Featuring an interior made of Spanish Cedar, this custom branded Humidor encloses a hydrometer and humidifier. It can hold 6 cigars and features gold hinges on the back. Another highlight is the black velvet lining on the box’s underside.


2. Deluxe 54 Gauge Cigar cutter

A quality cigar cutter is always welcome by connoisseurs. This one features a stainless steel guillotine blade. The plastic case it comes in is durable and built for the long run. Your logo is printed directly onto this item.


3. Bradford Cigar cutter

This elegant looking cutter comes in an attractive gift box. It’s a classy giveaway to impress cigar lovers.


4. Drum Cylinder 4” Matches

These matches can come in handy for all kinds of occasions. Apart from lighting cigars, these matches will also be helpful at campfires and barbeques. Count on them to proudly display your logo to the world.


Choose a product and place an order. We will ensure that the personalized gifts reach you in time for your next campaign!

6 Holiday Gift Ideas To Highlight Your Business

People look forward to the holidays because they get to spend quality time with family and friends. Some holidays are more special than others because there is a lot of importance attached to them. Some of the best holidays to promote business include Independence Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Memorial Day.

Featured in this article are some holiday gift ideas to get you started! They have been chosen for the longevity and practicality offered by them.

These products can serve as the perfect business gifts to help clients remember your brand. They can also serve as great appreciation gifts for employees.
1. The Jamaica Travel Mug

Featuring a double-wall construction, this stainless steel mug comes with a convenient push-on lid. It is an elegant giveaway that’s available in 3 exciting colors.


2. Grow Guy Planter / Plant Head

This product is highly creative – count on it for maximum marketing impact. Popularly known as Grow Guy, this product features a head pre-loaded with seeds. A user only has to add water and voila, the grass begins to grow!

This product offers great visual appeal for a desk at office or home. It is the best eco-friendly giveaway you will come across!


3. The Mansfield Cellphone Stand

This cell phone holder features chrome metal as part of its body. A highlight of this product is the slip resistant pad. This stand also provides flexible viewing angles for the user.


4. Nomia Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker offers 4 hours of continuous music playtime. It can be connected by Bluetooth or an audio cable. The amazing sound clarity will ensure recipients remember your brand often.


5. Center Court Duffel

Here is a spacious bag featuring several useful pockets. The front and slip pockets are great to store belongings. An adjustable strap ensures these bags are carried around with ease.


6. Mega Messenger Bag

This attractive bag features 600D Polyester material. It also has a double buckle closure with front/side pockets.


Choose a product and place an order. We will ensure that the personalized giveaways reach you in time for your next campaign!

Promotional Products Are The Most Powerful Brand Marketing Tools!

Many businesses do not realize the importance of investing in promotional products. They often use expensive and unreliable modes of marketing to get their message across. At the end of the day, you need your target audience to recognize you instantly – promotional items can help you achieve this better than any other marketing channel!

In this article, we will go through 5 reasons why promotional products offer the best marketing channel to get your message across.

1. You get better Return on Investment (ROI)

Distributing giveaways is a lot cheaper than spending on other marketing channels. TV, print, social media and radio ads usually involve a lot of money. Giveaways are low-priced, giving you the opportunity to purchase them in thousands without spending too much from your marketing budget.
You will be able to achieve the ROI you always dreamt of!

2. You get a marketing tool that lasts a long time!

Giveaways are attractive and can be put to use at home or office. There are high chances they will be used for a really long time! Whether it’s pencils, mugs or bags, the giveaways you personalize will quickly strike a chord with your audience.

These products will be promoting your brand long after you gave them out!


3. You get widespread visibility

Let’s imagine you imprinted your logo on bags. Your brand gets noticed wherever these bags are taken! Count on giveaways as mini-billboards to highlight your brand!

4. You get to choose from a wide range of products

At Brand Spirit, you have access to thousands of giveaways. All you have to do is choose one product that matches your branding requirement. We will take care of the rest! You could also ask us for facts & insights on the products we sell. This will help you finalize a product that’s best suited for your industry.

5. You easily win the approval of your target audience

Everybody loves receiving freebies, especially if they are attractive and useful. Count on giveaways to establish a quick connection with your target audience. Distribute giveaways at offices, retail stores or any event to highlight your brand in style.

We hope this article convinces you to opt for promotional products to power your next marketing campaign!

Earn Rewards & Discounts on Promotional Products With VIP Program

Do you regularly purchase branded merchandise, logo apparel, business gifts, premiums, sales incentives, giveaways or promotional products for your company? If so, you can earn big rewards, including discounted products, Amazon and Visa Gifts cards or even up to 2 free airline tickets with Brand Spirit’s new VIP Rewards Program.


So what exactly is the VIP Rewards Program?

The VIP Rewards Program is a unique loyalty program that allows buyers to earn points towards discounts and gift cards on their regular branded product purchases. It’s very simple to join the program. Interested buyers will only need to enroll here.

Upon sign-up, you will receive 25 bonus points and an opportunity to win $500 worth of free custom branded products (via raffle) at Brand Spirit! Does this sound interesting to you? If yes, then sign up and gain worthy discounts while purchasing goodies at Brand Spirit!

How do you earn points on the VIP Rewards Program?

You will just need to mention your VIP Rewards Program membership ID whenever you make purchases. You stand to gain 1 point for every $1 spent on giveaways. Another advantage of this program is that you will earn incredibly attractive bonus points (worth 5,000 points) for referring friends and colleagues.

When is the raffle?

The next raffle draw will take place on January 31, 2016.

One winner will be chosen randomly. The prize is a credit of $500 to spend at Brand Spirit, which will be added to his/her account. Spend the credit on gifts for clients, employees, giveaways at your next trade show or event and more.

The winner will be notified by February 12th, 2016.

Why should you join the Brand Spirit VIP Rewards Program?

Join the program if you:

• regularly spend on giveaways, business gifts, premiums or promotional products
• want extra savings or to earn rewards for your purchases
• wish to participate in our exciting raffle draw for $500 in branded products to promote your business.

5 Custom Promotional Calendars For Year-Long Visibility

2016 is just around the corner! It’s time you chose a calendar to highlight your brand through the entire year next year.

Custom calendars offer high practical value – there is no chance they are going to be discarded quickly. The calendars you give away will be prominently displayed on desks or walls – any place where they can be viewed and referred to with ease.

We offer a wide array of all types of promotional calendars.

Here are 5 calendars to start 2016 with a bang:

1. Street Thunder appointment calendar


Made of high-quality matte stock, this calendar features 13 months with a beautiful muscle car on each page. This product will not fail to create the impact you seek. It’s a head-turner – people will keep staring at this calendar all day even if they don’t have to check dates!

2. Standard Desk Calendar


This classy calendar will highlight your logo on desks. It is compact and occupies less space. It features a leatherette header and corners for maximum visual appeal.

3. American Scenic Wall Calendar – Spiral


Are you looking for a calendar that captures America’s beauty in all its glory? This one is the right choice for you! It features beautiful photographs of American landscapes. This product is a must-have addition to anybody’s wall!

4. MoMA Sliding Perpetual Calendar


Made of acrylic material, this calendar adopts a unique approach towards displaying months. It features a slider that should be moved to get the appropriate month.

5. Magna-Cal



This cute looking calendar features a powerful magnet that attaches itself to metallic surfaces. You can choose from 12 different shapes.

Did you like the calendars featured in this article? Click here to visit our site to view more calendars. Or get in touch with us – we will help you find the right calendar for your business!