5 Exciting & New Business Gifts for 2018

2018 is a year of experience and tech. It’s also a year for being more conscious about the environment. So when it comes to planning your next batch of business gifts to send your clients or surprise customers, think of how the recipient can use the gift and if they would want to keep it for a long time.

Here are 5 new and exciting customizable business gifts that were popular during the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas:


Chalk Board Ceramic Mug for business gifts - add logo - brandspirit.com
As low as $9.05 in bulk order at brandspirit.com

Write a reminder or just leave a note for your self or a c0worker. The convenient chalkboard on the mug makes it a very useful and fun gift. You can also give it away to universities and conventions. The laser etching decoration method also makes this porcelain mug a premium gift with a retail look.



Streamline and simplify the little tasks you need to do during a hectic day with just a quick push of a button. You can program this nifty little gadget to turn your alarm on or even call you a cab. When they said tech is going to be big this year, they really meant it! Expect more tech accessories like this to pop up in trade shows and conventions.



web cam cover - add your logo - brand spirit
As low as $0.62 in bulk order from brandspirit.com

Cyber security is now more important than ever. This ultra-thin webcam cover protects your security and privacy by preventing webcam spying. Simply place your finger on the disc  and slide. Fits most smartphones, smart TV’s, PS4, Xbox, laptops, MacBooks, PCs, tablets and any 3rd party external webcam. 


As low as $19.34 in bulk order at brandspirit.com

Save the environment from more plastic bottles. Use reusable bottles to stay hydrated and you can also do it in style. These bottles are BPA-free and comes in beautiful colors. This is the perfect place for your logo to sit because recipients will most likely take them to work, at the gym, at the beach, and so much more.


As low as $9.53 in bulk order at brandspirit.com


These power banks come in really fun packaging that will definitely promote your brand! They’re packaged like power bars and even come in a box pack for an added experience. Hand these out like candy to the entire office and watch your employees get excited while opening the Power Bars. This is a great combo of experience marketing and riding the tech trend.


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Increase Brand Awareness with the Perfect Logo Branded Tote

Custom tote bags make the perfect giveaway for any business or event. They’re a must-have for conventions and trade shows; and retail shops have taken advantage of their practicality and ease of use to get their name out there. We’ve seen them at book stores, clothing boutiques, artisan shops, and large department stores.

With so many types of tote bags out there, it certainly helps to choose one that goes the extra mile to get noticed. It also helps to choose promotional tote bags that are sturdy so customers can keep using them and taking your brand with them everywhere.

Here are four tote bags we are currently in love with:

eco-friendly tote bags you can add your logo and customize for giveaways - brandspirit.com
Products are available for bulk order at brandspirit.com

Metallic Tote Bag – Make a shimmering addition to the next promotional events by handing out this metallic tote bag! This dazzling designer bag is made from non-woven polypropylene with metallic lamination, which provides additional structure, strength and durability. 

Jute Button Tote – Looking for something bigger and sturdy? You’ll love the Jute Button Tote. It’s made from recycled woven material with a 26″ handle so they can carry it on their shoulders. The wide open compartment makes it a perfect tote for corporate conventions and trade shows.

Medium Jute Tote – It’s a smaller version of the Jute Button bag with a shorter but thicker handle. This would be perfect for groceries and artisan shops that usually offer bulkier and heavier items.

Hollywood Glitter Tote – If you’re looking to make a sparkling addition to your next promotional campaign, this Hollywood glitter tote bag will do the trick! It’s great for product launches, press kits, and other retail promotions. You can also use this as a gift bag for company events.

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Adding VR Experience to Brand Marketing and Trade Shows

Virtual reality and all its wonders has seen a steady demand in the marketing scene. Businesses, even the non-tech industries, have realized and embraced its potential as a tool to engage audiences and potentially increase sales.

The 2017 CES trade show reportedly saw the largest array of augmented reality (AR) and VR technology ever, with 271 exhibitors from the AR/VR space, out of a total of more than 800 from 150 countries. What we should learn from this audience behavior is that people want experiences rather than just giveaways from your booth. While small tokens and SWAG bags are effective, going the extra mile to give them something new–something that’ll make an impact for your brand, is worth developing into your growth strategy.

The real estate industry has started using VR and AR to showcase listings without having to take potential buyers from one property to the other. Big brands like Nike, Samsung, and Mercedes Benz have certainly explored different facets of VR that have resulted in great sales numbers last year. You can read up on their campaigns here.

So if you’re asking, “Does VR actually work for brand awareness and sales growth?” All data point to a resounding YES. So it’s time to kick it up a notch!

Here are cheap VR headsets/goggles or viewers you can try out:

cardboard vr viewers for trade shows and promotional marketing
All products on the image are available for bulk order at Brand Spirit Inc.

VR Viewer 1 is compatible with almost any smartphone. The user can assemble the unit or you can do it for them. Note that you need to pair this viewer with an app. The list is available in the instructions.

VR Viewer 2 is mostly made of plastic and has a mobile device holder for convenient viewing. An app is also needed to maximize its features.

VR Viewer 3 is a big seller because of the options to place you branding. You can have a full image printed in front. It’s light, easy to assemble and comes in different colors to showcase your brand.

VR Viewer 4  is one of the cheapest items from our recommendations. It’s a very DIY and eco-friendly product with a foam viewer lining for better comfort. It’s great for 6-inch smartphones and can also be used for 360 videos and photo viewing.

VR Viewer 5 is a little more pricey than the rest but you don’t need an app for it since you can have it set-up to show your specifications. It also requires minimal assembly and very sturdy despite being made from cardboard. A sure hit for your audience.

For trade shows and product promotion events, you have a range of options for VR-related items that can supplement your current strategy for your booth or exhibit. The great thing here is that you can easily customize and brand these promotional marketing products to use as gifts. 


There are also a lot of options for more high-end VR goggles and headsets to pair with a specific digital visuals. All these are also available from the website and can easily be customized with your branding.

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