Perpetual Calendars: Inexpensive Giveaways That Will Last Years

Wouldn’t you like to give away a marketing product that can be used year after year to highlight your brand? Such a product should be useful and highly economical to give your brand impressive ROI that lasts years. Also, this product should serve as an inexpensive New Year business giveaway idea for 2017.

Perpetual Calendar With Business Logo Customization – AS LOW AS $1.59

Enter the perpetual calendar. With an individual bulk price that ranges between $1.59 and $2.50, it features a colorful slide that can be moved to represent a new year. This means that the Perpetual Calendar can help users remember their brand for years!

Colorful slide that can be used year after year!

Available in Silver/Green, Silver/Red, Silver/Blue, and Silver/Black, this calendar is capable of doing wonders for your brand. Go for the perpetual desk calendar in bulk to your brand the enhanced visibility it always deserved. This calendar folds flat for shipping, ensuring that you can give them away with ease.

Order today and let us personalize this custom logo printed promotional calendar for you!

5 Custom Promotional Calendars For Year-Long Visibility

2016 is just around the corner! It’s time you chose a calendar to highlight your brand through the entire year next year.

Custom calendars offer high practical value – there is no chance they are going to be discarded quickly. The calendars you give away will be prominently displayed on desks or walls – any place where they can be viewed and referred to with ease.

We offer a wide array of all types of promotional calendars.

Here are 5 calendars to start 2016 with a bang:

1. Street Thunder appointment calendar


Made of high-quality matte stock, this calendar features 13 months with a beautiful muscle car on each page. This product will not fail to create the impact you seek. It’s a head-turner – people will keep staring at this calendar all day even if they don’t have to check dates!

2. Standard Desk Calendar


This classy calendar will highlight your logo on desks. It is compact and occupies less space. It features a leatherette header and corners for maximum visual appeal.

3. American Scenic Wall Calendar – Spiral


Are you looking for a calendar that captures America’s beauty in all its glory? This one is the right choice for you! It features beautiful photographs of American landscapes. This product is a must-have addition to anybody’s wall!

4. MoMA Sliding Perpetual Calendar


Made of acrylic material, this calendar adopts a unique approach towards displaying months. It features a slider that should be moved to get the appropriate month.

5. Magna-Cal



This cute looking calendar features a powerful magnet that attaches itself to metallic surfaces. You can choose from 12 different shapes.

Did you like the calendars featured in this article? Click here to visit our site to view more calendars. Or get in touch with us – we will help you find the right calendar for your business!