4 Gadget Accessories to Welcome New Employees

Having a new face in the office and an added hand in the team is a way to invigorate employees. Part of making sure new employees feel comfortable with their new work environment is to break the ice by naturally integrating them into the company crowd and its culture.

Some useful tips would be to:

  • Have a casual welcome party on a Friday
  • Assign a buddy to new employees so show them the ropes
  • Have a welcome kit ready

Here are a cool gadget accessories to welcome the new team members:



Flexible Waterproof Keyboard - brandspirit.com employee gifts
As low as $16.41 for bulk orders at brandspirit.com

The washable and  full-size flexible keyboard features a USB connector with PS2 adaptor for PC laptops & computers. The product is PC & Mac compatible and rolls up for easy portability. Wonderful for startups and remote workers.


Foldable Wireless Optical Mouse - brandspirit.com employee gifts
As low as $12.14 for bulk order

Folds conveniently to fit into backpacks when running from one meeting to the next. Also great for travel! Your new employees will certainly love this cool optical mouse. It’s compatible for both Windows and Mac.


Multi Blade Connecting Cables - employee gifts - brandspirit.com
As low as $3.74 in bulk order

The Multi Blade is a 3 in 1 charging and data transfer cable. Swiss army knife shape design. Contains 4 cable arms featuring USB input connector, 6 pin connector, and 2 Micro USB connectors. Charge your smartphones, tablets, and most mobile devices. Can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously when using all 3 charging arms at once.


Touchscreen Device Back Sticky Macro Cleaner - brandspirit.com
As low as $1.30 in bulk order

The soft fabric does not scratch surfaces, allowing this to be useful on many different items. It sticks to the back of your tablet with removable adhesive backing that is restored by rinsing with water. 


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Brand Spirit Picks for the Week: Promotional Items Under $3

All products are available for bulk order at brandspirit.com

 Missed out picks last week for gifts under $3? We’ve got a new set of awesome promotional gifts that are great finds and won’t break the bank.

Here is our new set of top picks for the week:

Ace Card Bottle Opener – Get poppin’ with clients with this unique bottle opener. Use the cleverly crafted hole in the center shaped like a spade to open beer and soda bottles. Imprint your logo and you’re all set.

The Undercover Lunch Bag – Lunch is served! This lunch bag folds down for easy storage and is insulated to keep food fresh. More importantly, the bright color will make your brand stand out 

Toddy Tie – No more messy cords in pockets or travel bags. Toddy Ties eliminate the tangled mess cords make, simply wrap the cord around four fingers and insert it into the Toddy Tie, snap and done! Add your logo to stay in your client’s line of vision.

PromoSpinner™ – This spinner is made of ABS plastic with Turbo-Boost™ Inserts for longer spinning experience. An executive fidget toy and stress reliever that clients or employees will love.

2-in-1 Micro Mouse Pad – Let this 2-in-1 micro mouse pad be an item that shows off your brand in a bold way! Not only does it work as a place for your mouse to move and rest, but it also works as a microfiber cleaning cloth. Wipe it across the screens of your smartphones and tablets to get a smudge and fingerprint-free display. This item features a textured silicone grip on the backside.

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Study Shows Increased Office Productivity with Office Plants

Get on the eco-friendly train and add some greenery in the office. While minimalistic, open-space are trending, one study from the American Psychological Association has shown that an office that’s too bare and devoid of indoors plants results to 15% more incidents of anxiety and stress among employees. 

The study further goes to indicate that when plants were brought into the offices (one plant per square meter) employee performance on memory retention and other basic tests improved substantially.

Given these numbers, investing on a little employee swag that includes desk plants could mean an increased rate of productivity and overall satisfaction in the workplace. This is good news for employees and even better news for the business.

We’ve put together these adorable and customizable desktop plants you can give away as gifts for the whole office.


eco friendly promotional giveaways for the office, office planters desk plants and herb garden
All products available for order at gobrandspirit.com

The BUCKET O’ BLOSSOMS PLANTER KIT comes in a small pail packaged in pretty pastel boxes. You can add your brand name on the box and the bucket and get them as a 3-pack. The kit includes the blossom seeds and soil pellet too. Just water and 2-3 inch seedlings should come out in a week if you’ve taken care of it correctly.

Be a little silly with the GOOFY GROW POT. Each set includes a biodegradable planter with Goofy face on one side, a compressed soil wafer and a marigold seed packet. It’s made from reclaimed organic materials including bamboo and corn fiber. Just add water and watch it sprout.

Your team might also enjoy their own herbal garden on their desk or in the office pantry. The GROWPOT HERB KIT 3 PACK includes three biodegradable planters, three compressed soil wafers and three seed packets – parsley, basil and chive. Fresh herbs, anyone?

GROW-YOUR-OWN-HERB KIT contains 3 packages of seeds with other variations and combinations, starter soil, and wooden plant stakes, all inside a recycled 6 count egg carton. Write on the wooden stakes, to identify the seed type in each compartment. You add your brand with the paper band that’s used to package the kit.

For more information on these promotional products, email info@gobrandspirit.com today.

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