Trend Earbuds Offer High Audio Clarity & Brand Visibility

Who doesn’t love music? The right song can help a person lift his mood by several notches. You can help others enjoy their music by distributing these Trend Earbuds branded with your logo. These compact and cute-looking promotional earbuds has all that it takes to promote your branded message.

popular personalized logo earphone with microphone - custom multi color promotional Trend Earbuds plus Mic - 1
Trend Earbuds + Mic – Bestseller Technology Giveaway Gift – AS LOW AS $5.20

Compatible with all kinds of devices

The Trend Earbud can be used with smartphones, tablets, music players and video games. This personalized earphone with microphone is a user-friendly product that can be carried around with ease.

Featuring crystal-clear audio, this product also comes with a mic to ensure users are able to answer calls. A major highlight of this product is the mind-boggling selection of colors. You can pick a color for the cord and cap – there are more than dozen colors to choose from!

custom logo printed earbuds with mic for business branding - Trend Earbuds plus Mic low price tech giveaway item - 2
In-ear promotional earphone in dozens of different colors

This product takes 7 working days to complete production. Potential buyers will be pleased with the extra savings earned through the Free Set-Up and Free Full Color Print offers available with this product.

Individual bulk prices are in the range of $5.20 to $6.94.

Get in touch with us to personalize these earbuds. Our insights will help you use this product to highlight a message, brand or individual.

2 Powerful Branded Power Banks That Will Impress Your Clients

A quality power bank can quickly impress and win over recipients. That’s why power banks are some of our top selling business gift and giveaways.

We offer a range of power banks, including those with high battery capacities at comparably low cost than ever before. These custom logo power banks offer true value for your marketing dollars and will serve as valued branded giveaways for business of all sizes.

Recipients will find these personalized power banks extremely useful to charge their devices quickly and efficiently while away from their desks. For example, while walking a trade show, attending a conference, traveling and more. You can count on these portable chargers as effective marketing tools that deliver constant visibility to your brand.

Featured below are power banks capable of heavy-duty charging for both smart phones and tablets. Both these customized high capacity power banks come with the following highlights


• Free set up
• Free gift box
• Free delivery
• 12 month warranty

customized high capacity powerbank at low price - Mondeo Promotional Power Bank 20000 mAh with logo for cheap-1
Mondeo High Capacity 20000 mAh Power Bank With Custom Logo – AS LOW AS $22.84

1. Mondeo Power Bank 20000 mAh

Featuring a whopping 20000 mAh battery capacity, this product comes with a Micro USB to USB connector. Its sleek looks will win a lot of admirers in quick time. Prices range between $13.77 and $20.67, depending on the quantity ordered.

customized high capacity powerbank at low price - Trident Pormotional Power Bank 8000 mAh with logo for cheap-2

2. Trident Power Bank

This power bank is available in an array of exciting colors. You can also choose from a variety of capacity ranges – 4000 mAh, 8000 mAh, 10000 mAh and 12000 mAh. Your logo will be highlighted in style.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our personalized power banks today.

5 Promotional Products With No Minimum Order Quantity Required

Sometimes you would like to place an order without worrying about specifying a large quantity. No minimum promotional products offer convenience and affordability to buyers seeking low-quantity giveaways to highlight their brand.

This article features 5 promotional products with no minimum quantity for you to specify. These products also offer the following benefits:

Free setup charges
Free and unique personalization on each product (for example, you can have different messages or names on each coaster present in your order)

Let’s explore the products in detail:

1. Cork Coasters (set of 4)

This product protects table surfaces against spillage and scratches. It features a glossy top that is easy to clean. These corks can be counted upon to highlighted marketing messages on desks.

Cork Coasters (set of 4) Free Setup. No Minimum. No Charge for Personalizing Each Set – AS LOW AS $16.99

2. Wire-bound Journal 5×7

These journals are versatile additions to homes and offices. They look good and can be used to jot down important notes. The front glossy cover will feature a full color imprint. This Wire Bound Journal will be well received by clients and employees. Students will find it useful as well.

Wire-bound Journal 5×7. Free Setup. No Charge for Personalizing Each Unit – AS LOW AS $11.99

3. Bag Tag

This tag seeks a hassle-free experience for travelers around the world. There is no more need to get confused while searching for baggage. Your logo and message will appear boldly on these luggage tags, helping users remember your brand more often.

Bag Tag. Free Setup. No Minimum. No Charge for Personalizing Each Unit – AS LOW AS $7.99

4. High Quality Silver Halide Posters 11×14

Ever used posters as giveaways? These high-quality posters are fade-resistant to ensure they last a long time. Highlight your choice of art, message and logo on these posters to ensure strong brand visibility wherever these posters are used. Use variable data to personalize each poster for maximum impact.

High Quality Silver Halide Posters 11×14.No Minimum. No Charge for Customizing Each Poster – AS LOW AS $6.99

5. 11 oz Ceramic Mugs

These personalized ceramic mugs allow you to showcase your logo and identity in different ways. Microwave and dishwasher-safe, these mugs allows for full color imprint. This ensures your business is remembered every time the user takes a sip of his favorite beverage. Add a personalized message to each mug recipient.

no-minimum-quantity-on-printed-promotional-products-Individually-Personalized-Ceramic-Mugs-Free Setup-free-personalization
Individually Personalized 11 oz Ceramic Mugs. Free Setup. No Charge for Personalizing Each Unit – AS LOW AS $8.29

Get in touch with us for more insights on these free set up business gifts.