3 Trendy Mobile & Computer Accessories that Promote Your Brand this 2018

Looking for cool, trendy custom gifts to give your clients? We’ve put together a nice mix of custom promotional products that are hot items for 2018. It’s all about value and function and we’re sure these promotional gift recommendation will effectively get your message across.


promotional product 2-in-1 Micro Mouse Pad - brandspirit.com
As low as $1.69 in bulk order

This computer accessory doesn’t just serve as a mouse pad but it also effectively cleans computer screens. What’s more is that you can customize it with a full color graphic which posts as a great opportunity to plaster your message and your business. Use it as  a giveaway for trade shows or employee swag.


promotional product qi wireless charging pad - brandspirit.com
As low as $23.18 in bulk order

Rapidly charge a wide range of mobile devices with the CloudCharge Wireless Charging Pad. Simply place your Qi-enabled device on the pad, and it instantly starts charging without having to have anything plugged into it. Universal wireless charging pad compatible with all Qi enabled devices including iPhone 8 & iPhone 10.


promotional product SpySafe Webcam Cover - brandspirit.com
As low as $0.55 for bulk orders

Providing front and center branding while putting everyone’s mind at ease, the SpySafe™ Webcam Cover is the simplest and most effective tool to prevent webcam hackers from spying on individuals through the computer’s webcam while putting the brand in the limelight. This budget-friendly, highly effective promotional gift includes a high-quality, full-color decoration. 


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Outdoor-Ready Tech Business Gifts for Your Adventure-Seeking Clients

solar powered water proof outdoor business gifts

There’s nothing like the great outdoors! But more often than not, we still want to have our tech gadgets close to us. If you have a customer base who are adrenaline junkies or simply enjoy being out and about under the sun, then these outdoor tech toys will hit that spot and leave them with a lasting impression for your business.

These outdoor gadgets range from wearable cameras, solar-powered power banks, and more! Ready?


HD 720P Camera Sunglasses - brandspirit.com
As low as $63.62 for bulk order at brandspirit.com. 

With the HD 720P Camera Sunglasses you can take videos or photos in style. The sunglasses feature a High definition 720P camera in the center of the sunglasses. This gives you the perfect angle to capture any moment. The sunglasses also feature a microphone to record sound. 


3000 mAh SolarBar solar powered Power Bank - brandspirit.com
As low as $16.69 for bulk orders at brandspirit.com

No need to search for a power outlet with the SolarBar – charge your battery while having fun in the sun. Ideal for everyday use, this power bank will keep you going whether you’re in between meetings or need a battery back-up while hiking in the mountains. 


Boulder Waterproof Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker - brandspirit.com
As low as $29.98 for bulk orders at brandspirit.com

Enjoy your favorite music regardless of your location. Take the Boulder outdoor speaker with you to the pool, on your hike, or to your next house party. Pair with your smartphone to control remotely.


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Show Some Love with Business-Appropriate Valentine’s Day Gifts

Gift-giving during Valentine’s Day in the office is a fun way to spread positive vibes. While Hallmark cards and candies are staples, you can take it a step further and choose custom gifts that combine sentimentality and function. Here are a few work-appropriate gifts you can dole out to the whole team and even to clients to celebrate the month of love.


Heart shaped stress reliever for vaentines day, promotional product - brandspirit.com
As low as $0.81 for bulk orders at brandspirit.com

Show the team you care by giving them something to manage stress in the office. This squeezable stress reliever is a perfectly affordable and useful Valentine’s Day swag to promote your brand or just keep everyone centered and focused. This also makes a good giveaway for clinics and hospitals.



custom candles for promotions and business gifts - brandspirit.com
As low as $19.99 for bulk orders at brandspirit.com

This premium business gift would make a wonderful custom gift for top tier clients or VIPs for Valentine’s Day. They could also be used as tokens for weddings, as well as posh freebies for spas and salons. It certainly sets the tone for Valentine’s Day for recipients.


promotional music splitter and mobile accessory you can customize with logo - brandspirit.com
As low as $1.59 for bulk orders

For gifts that are more of the techie side, this music splitter would make a fabulous gift. This is a sweet way to enjoy your favorite music from a single player such as a mobile phone. It’s a gift they can keep and take anywhere and it costs under $2 dollars!


7" Desktop Digital Photo Frame business gift - brandspirit.com
As low as $63.62 for bulk orders

If you have a bigger budget to spare for your VIPs or top clients, splurge on this customizable digital photo frame to let them display their fave memories on a mini screen. This desktop item would make a wonderful addition to their office tables or even in their homes. On top of being a Valentine’s Day gift idea, it also makes a fantastic executive gift all year round.

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Catch Customers’ Attention with Logo Branded Phone Grips Under $5

We’ve all had that mini heart attack. Your phone slips from your fingers, crashes on the floor face down and you hold your breath for a few seconds to find out if it’s broken or not.

Spare your customers from this nightmare and surprise them with a thoughtful but super affordable phone grip. Everyone has a phone and this device stays with us from the moment we wake up until we go to bed. This is the perfect spot for your logo to sit and it will remind customers and their friends about your brand each time they take their mobiles out.

Here are three trendy phone grips that are practical, customizable, and all under $5!

logo branded mobile accessories for giveaways at trade shows and holidays - brand spirit
All products are available for bulk order at brandspirit.com


Gadget Grips PEARL™

The Pearl sticks to the back of cell phones and tablets using removable adhesive, allowing the top surface of the grip to keep your phone & gadgets from slipping and sliding. Packaged in cellophane bag with distinctive instructional booklet. Perfect as trade show giveaways, civic events, school fundraisers, rock concerts. 


A PopSocket sticks flat to the back of your phone, tablet or case with its reusable, repositionable gel. Once extended, the PopSocket becomes a media stand for your device, a photo or texting grip, or lower it for a video chat. It doesn’t get in the way when you keep your phone inside your pocket so it’s design will surely be hit.

Gadget Grips STRAP

Simple and effective! The Gadget Grips® STRAP makes it easy to secure your phone to your hand. Simply place the strap on your phone and slip your finger under the strap. It comes in a variety of colors to complement your brand’s style.

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Get Ahead of the Marketing Game in 2018 with Tech Gifts That Promote

Tech gadgets will remain one of the top marketing giveaways for 2018, whether it’s to support a campaign or to strengthen client relationships. One of the best way to market your brand is to associate it with a customized gift with a retail look. But more importantly, your branded gift needs to add value to the daily lives of the recipients to really make a meaningful impact.

Here are value-adding and premium tech gifts to boost your marketing for the coming year.

KINNECT 4 USB Universal Charging Cables

KINNECT 4 USB Universal Charging Cables - promotional product - brandspirit.com
As low as $10.23 in bulk order from brandspirit.com

The Kinnect4 charger is a versatile cord that will allow you to charge several devices at once. This handy item features dual-purpose 8-pin micro USB technology and no MFI is needed. It includes the latest technology with a C-Pin, one USB, one micro USB and one 8-pin/micro USB to cater to a number of different phones or tablets, including all iPhone models. Simply plug the cable into a powered USB port or into your device. Customize with an imprint of your brand logo for maximum exposure.

Bluetooth Item Tracker

Bluetooth Item Tracker - promotional product - brandspirit.com
As low as $25.78 in bulk order

Find new customers with this small Bluetooth item finder. Simply place this pocket sized tracker into your wallet, bag, attach to your keys or any other valuable item and always know where to find it! Using the free smartphone app you can track the item, including directions on how to find the object. If you lose your phone, simply press the button on the tracker and your phone will begin to ring to reveal its location.

5-in-1 Fonebud Essential Mini Handset

5-in-1 Fonebud Essential Mini Handset - promotional product - brandspirit.com
As low as $83.44 in bulk order

It’s the ultimate phone accessory that makes life so much easier each time you use your phone! It’s a Bluetooth handset that can pair with up to two devices so that you don’t have to run to the next room when you hear your smartphone ringing. It’s also a 5000 mAh power bank and selfie camera remote to get those picture perfect shots. It also has a range alarm and one touch torchlight for safety and security. Clients can install the free app on their device to start using this awesome gadget.

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Blow Customers Away with High End Tech Gifts

high tech gifts to blow customers away

You want to say thank you to customers and clients that love technology. We want to help you pick the right one. Match made in heaven!   

Nothing says “I appreciate you!” more than a high end gift – but we know that sorting through all of the premium promotional products out there to find a suitable fit can be exhausting.  Don’t worry – we’ve got your back AND the perfect gift for every client on your list.  


ifidelity Wireless Speaker and TruWireless Earbuds

wireless earbud and speaker for holiday business gift - brandspirit.com
As low as $81.80

Everyone loves a 2 for 1 deal, right? This wireless speaker and earbuds combo will impress your client that loves to stay fit. The ergonomic design and truly wireless capabilities of these earbuds (seriously – no wires at all!) make it easy to go for a run or lift some weights without those pesky wires getting in the way. The carrying care for these bad boys doubles as a charging station and a Bluetooth speaker. Score.


High Definition Action Camera  

high def action camera for business gifts - brand spirit
As low as $90.89

The HD Action Camera packs a premium quality punch for those clients of yours that can’t resist an adventure.  It comes equipped with a 1080p HD lens and a 2” LCD screen to capture all of their extreme moments.  Whether they’re on the trail or in the water – the 13 additional accessories including a waterproof case, helmet mount and handlebar mount guarantee that their footage is captured.  


Remote Control Drone Car  

drone for holiday or executive gift - brand spirit
As low as $63.62

This Remote Control Drone Car is perfect for the client that didn’t want to grow up.  The drone has the ability to fly in the air or drive on the ground, and features an advanced stability system that makes it easy to operate.  Once they’ve mastered the craft, this drone can perform aerial flips! Includes a rechargeable battery, USB battery charging cable and extra propellers – just in case.  


Virtual Reality Headset with Headphones

virtual reality glasses for business gifts - brand spirit
As low as $18.17

Transport your client to a faraway place when they try on the Virtual Reality Headset with Headphones.  Truly a premium piece with an affordable price tag, this headset includes headphones that plug right into your smartphone, engaging all of your senses in the VR world! All they have to do is download any VR or 3D app on their phone and their journey in to the world of VR begins.

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Holiday Tokens Under $3 Perfect for the Whole Team

Every little gift counts and it’s true that it’s often the thought that leaves a lasting impression. This coming holiday, fill up your team’s stockings with small tokens of appreciation to celebrate the season of giving.  Giving small but thoughtful gifts is always appreciated by employees especially for big businesses who have a large number of team members. The key is to find unique, useful, and well-thought out custom gifts which they can use or enjoy during when they’re not working.

We’ve curated several custom branded gifts that are under $3 but are certainly great finds for the holidays.

holiday gifts for employees under $3
All products are available for bulk order at brandspirit.com 

Hot Chocolate on a Spoon in Header Bag

Make everything warm and fuzzy with a sweet cup of hot chocolate! It’s an instant sweet treat your customers and VIPs can enjoy on a chilly morning or as a midnight beverage. Just insert in hot milk, water, or coffee and stir! 

Fisheye Lens with Clip

Clip the Fisheye Lens over your smartphone camera lens to get images with a different perspective of 180-degrees. Your shutter bug employees will love this easy-to-use phone accessory.

Tech Taco Cord Organizer

The Tech Taco is exactly what it sounds like; a taco for your technologies! It’s an organizational tool that will help keep your cords and cables in order. Fold it around your bundled cords like a taco shell, snap, and you’re on your merry way.

Gifts under $3 for holiday gifts for employees
Order in bulk and get these products customized at brandspirit.com


Reusable Silicone Tea Bag

Why not give your tea-loving staff a gift that keeps on giving with this reusable silicone tea bag! It holds loose tea and is dishwasher safe, allowing for multiple uses. No longer will they have to create so much trash discarding their old tea bags. It’s eco friendly and useful for every day.

14 oz. Copper Pint Glass

This BPA-free chic pint glass is a unique find. They can use it in the office or enjoy their fave brew at home using these fabulous custom drinkware. 

Dime Earbuds

This retractable 30-inch earbud is compatible with almost all devices. This means your employees won’t be hassled by knotted cords because this nifty gifts takes care of that! Choose from three different colors to match your brand style.

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