Ibuprofen As A Health Giveaway – Buy 100 & Get 100 Free This September!

Want to get rid of your marketing headaches? Ibuprofen giveaways are the perfect promotional product to spread awareness about your brand or message. Ranked among the world’s most efficient pain relievers, Ibuprofen is used by millions around the world and is hugely popular.

Special Offer On Logo Personalized Ibuprofen – Popular Low Budget Giveaway for Health & Medical Industry

And now, you have one more reason to opt for Ibuprofen products as giveaways. As a bonus, the product featured here is available with a special offer till September 30, 2016. This special buy 100 & get 100 free offer is part of our September deals on custom logo gifts. It’s an offer you shouldn’t be missing out on!

Compact, travel-friendly and medically effective

Special Deal on Personalized Ibuprofen – Buy 100 & Get 100 Free! AS LOW AS $2.30

This Ibuprofen product comes in a compact container that is easy to carry around and features your full color graphics. It is practical and reusable. The pills contained in these containers are the same you will find in other popular Ibuprofen brands such as Motrin® and Advil®. Recipients will remember your brand whenever they reach out for these containers to get pain relief!

Get in touch with us to get this discount health giveaway with bulk pricing. And don’t forget – this special offer on promotional items is available only for this month. So place your order today!

4 Summer Kits For Handy Visibility Outdoors

Are you searching for the perfect summer promotional kit for gifting purposes? These branded summer kits are sure to bring fun in the sun to the lucky recipients while at the same time, remind them of your company or organization. A logo printed summer gift set is packed with handy goodies that will help people enjoy their time outdoors.

Logo Personalized Deluxe Fun In The Sun Kit For Summer Advertising - Company branding giveaway items - Low price budget friendly business gifts - 1
Deluxe Fun In The Sun Kit – Budget Friendly Summer Business Gifts – AS LOW AS $8.25

1. Deluxe Fun In The Sun Kit

This kit comes with a clear Drawstring Backpack, a pouch, Kan-Tastic, a Sunstick and rubberized sunglasses.

Custom Logo Printed Poolside Fun Budget Kit For Summer Marketing Campaign - Beach and pool combo gifts - Bulk promotional products for cheap - 2
Poolside Fun Budget Kit With Custom Logo Personalization – AS LOW AS $2.65

2. Poolside Fun Budget Kit

This kit comes with a cellphone pouch and rubberized sunglasses.

Customized Beach Nik Fun In The Sun Promotional Summer Kit - Bulk advertising giveaway for branding - Cool gifts for low budget business marketing - 3
Promotional Beach-Nik™ Fun In The Sun Kit – Low Budget Summer Gift Items – AS LOW AS $7.69

3. Beach-Nik™ Fun In The Sun Kit

This kit comes with a cellphone pouch, a cord, Malibu Sunglasses, Beach-Nik™ and a sunscreen Pouch

Port & Company Branded T-Shirt With Promotional Sunglasses Combo Set With Custom Logo Box - Cool summer gifts with personalization - Low price cheap - 4
Port & Company® T-Shirt And Sunglasses Combo Set With Custom Box – AS LOW AS $7.99

4. Port & Company® T-Shirt And Sunglasses Combo Set With Custom Box

This kit comes with a Port & Company® – Cotton T-Shirt (in sizes S-XL) and Malibu Sunglasses. Use this kit to make an impressionable fashion statement.

Contact us to personalize one or more of these products. We can help you plan the perfect marketing campaign!

Using Ibuprofen For Branding Purposes

Are you getting a headache trying to come up with a unique promotional product for your next marketing campaign? Consider a custom branded bottle of Ibuprofen. It ranks among the world’s most popular and effective medications. It has a strong reputation for fighting minor ailments such as pain, fever, headaches and inflammation. You will find Ibuprofen in various forms and name brands at homes around the world. All of them have one thing in common – the ability to provide instant relief from pain!

custom logo imprinted Ibuprofen - personalized health care medicinal gift items for business promotion and branding - 1
Personalized Ibuprofen With Company Branding – AS LOW AS $2.30

Why not use Ibuprofen for branding purposes to spread word about your company or cause? It’s the perfect product for use with messages that involve getting rid of business related “headaches” or “pains”.

This product will help you launch a campaign that’s different from the rest!

The small personalized container of Ibuprofen featured here will help you launch your marketing campaign to target customers, prospects and employees. It features the same ingredients used in popular Ibuprofen brands such as Advil® and Motrin®. Available in an attractive and compact container, this product is easy to carry around in a pocket, purse or bag. And an added bonus is that recipients will remember you whenever they use these pills to fight pain.

Get in touch with us to include custom printed Ibuprofen in your next marketing campaign or feel free to order online. We will ensure that your logo imprinted Ibuprofen reaches your office by your deadline.

5 Useful Kitchen Accessories To Brand With Your Logo

Custom kitchen accessories will always come in handy at homes, especially if they are useful and visually appealing.

These low price kitchen promotional items featured here are attractive, innovative and user-friendly. Their main purpose is to provide homemakers with a convenient tool that helps to resolve a particular requirement in the kitchen or while on the move.

low price kitchen promotional items - Logo imprinted Color Dip Salad Spinner - cheap home accessory - 1-1
Custom Printed Color Dip Salad Spinner – Low Price Kitchen Giveaway – AS LOW AS $8.98

1. Color Dip Salad Spinner

This product removes excess liquid form salad greens and features an inner basket that functions as a strainer. A bowl piece accompanies this product to help users serve and enjoy the salad.

Available in lime color and at bulk prices ranging from $8.98 to $11.32.

personalized gift items for kitchen promotion - custom logo imprinted Mason Jar Salt and Pepper Shaker Set for branding - 2
Custom Mason Jar Salt and Pepper Shaker Set For Branding – AS LOW AS $7.98

2. Mason Jar Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

This trendy ceramic salt and pepper shakers feature a slender C-handle. Inspired from the popular Mason jars, these shakers feature a metallic lid and a plug at the bottom for easy refill. This FDA compliant set is available in Black and White for pepper and salt respectively. Bulk prices are in the range of $7.98-$10.07.

cheap logo kitchen gifts for business marketing - personalized Cutlery To Go Set for women and food giveaway - 3
Promotional Cutlery To Go Set – Cheap Kitchen Gift Item – AS LOW AS $1.52

3. Cutlery To Go Set

This eco-friendly cutlery set includes a spoon, knife and fork. A compact and tight lid keeps all of them bundled together in a neat manner. This set is available in Blue and White colors. Bulk prices are in the range of $1.52 to $1.92.

custom logo printed premium kitchenware combo gift items - promotional Salad Shaker Set for inexpensive branding - 4
Logo Printed Salad Shaker Set – Cool Kitchen Gift Item – AS LOW AS $2.88

4. Salad Shaker Set

This set features a shaker cup, a lid, a dressing container and fork. The lid secures and keeps all the items together. There is a designated slot for the fork. Bulk prices range between $2.88 and $3.63.

customized kitchen accessories with logo imprinted - promotional Happy Nest Bottle Stopper Set for premium brand promotion - 5-1
Promotional Happy Nest Bottle Stopper Set – Premium Kitchen Accessory – AS LOW AS $4.98

5. Happy Nest Bottle Stopper Set

This set is made of silicone and can provide an airtight seal for wine bottles of all sizes. It is available in combinations of blue and lime or black and red. It comes in an attractive gift box. Bulk prices range between $4.98 and $6.28.

Get in touch with the Brand Spirit team to make these kitchen gifts with logo an essential part of your next marketing campaign.

6 Exciting BPA-Free Bottles Priced Below $6

Most consumers are aware of Bisphenol A (BPA), a harmful industrial chemical used to make plastic products. This chemical often seeps into eatables and liquids through food containers and bottles, resulting in potential health hazards. The importance of BPA-free products gained momentum several years back with many plastic manufacturers creating products that are free of the chemical.

Featured her are 6 BPA-free promotional water bottles. They offer an ample print area to feature a logo and message. The sturdiness of these bottles ensures that they can serve as marketing tools for years.

low price bpa free promotional water bottles - Marathon BPA Free Sport Bottle 22oz with logo - 1
Customized Marathon BPA Free Sport Bottle 22oz – AS LOW AS $4.98

1. Marathon BPA Free Sport Bottle 22oz

Featuring a flip-top lid and a special latch closure, this bottle is made of FDA-approved shatter-resistant Tritan. The huge opening ensures convenient cleaning and drinking.

Production Time: 5 Working Days

Available colors: Black, Blue, Green, Red, Black, Blue, Green, Red

Bulk price range: $4.98 to $6.28

customized bpa free logo imprinted water bottles - quality Kensington BPA Free Sport Bottle 20oz cheap giveaway - 2
Promotional Kensington BPA Free Premium Sport Bottle 20oz With Logo – AS LOW AS $4.98

2. Kensington BPA Free Sport Bottle 20oz

Made of durable Tritan material, this bottle is shatter, stain, and odor resistant. It features a screw-on spill resistant lid with straw. A carabiner hook ensures that the product can be carried around with ease. A wide mouth opening allows for convenient cleaning and filling.

Production Time: 10 Working Days

Available colors: Blue, Clear, Red, Blue, Red

Bulk price range: $4.98 to $6.28

personalized bpa free water bottles for branding promotion - EASY SQUEEZY 24oz SPORT BOTTLE low price giveaway drinkware - 3
Personalized EASY SQUEEZY 24oz SPORT BOTTLE for Branding – AS LOW AS $0.99

3. Easy Squeezy 24oz Sport Bottle

This bottle is made of recycled materials. It features a twist-on lid and a push/pull drinking spout.

Production Time: 5 Working Days

Available colors: Translucent Black, Translucent Blue, Translucent Green, Translucent Red

Bulk price range: $.99 to 1.90

logo imprinted bpa free water bottles for branding - GLOW SPORT BOTTLE cheap drinkware gift items - 4
Pormotional Glow Sport Bottle – Low Price Giveaway Gift – AS LOW AS $1.32

4. Glow Sport Bottle

This bottle is great to be given away during parties or outdoor events that take place in the dark. Features include a straw with tethered tip lids. This is a great product to highlight gyms, sports clubs and can be used as a fun giveaway.

Production Time: 5 Working Days

Bulk price range: $1.32 to $1.63

custom promotional bpa free water bottles-cheap-business-giveaway - Marley 32-oz. Sports Bottle with logo imprinted - 5
Logo Imprinted Marley 32-oz. Sports Bottle – Low Price Branded Business Gifts – AS LOW AS $3.39

5. Marley 32-oz. Sports Bottle

This sports bottle comes with a twist-on lid and a flip-top drinking spout. A great looking product, this bottle will serve recipients for years.

Production Time: 5 Working Days

Bulk price range: 3.39 to 5.17

logo imprinted usa made bpa free water bottles - inexpensive Bali Sports Bottle gift for tradeshow marketing - 6
Personalized Bali Sports Bottle – Low Price Promotional Merchandise – AS LOW AS $1.86

6. Bali Sports Bottle

This bottle features a twist-on lid and a push/pull drinking spout. It looks great to promote sporting teams and events.

Production Time: 5 Working Days

Available colors: Black, Clear, White

Bulk price range: $1.86 to $3.67

Order online or get in touch with us to learn more about these economical sports bottles. We will provide you with insights on how these bottles can efficiently highlight your product, brand or awareness campaign.

4 Hand Sanitizers For A Heathy Promotional Campaign

A great product to launch your next health-conscious marketing campaign with is customized spray hand sanitizers . These sanitizers are compact and can fit in all sizes of bags and purses. Recipients can use these sanitizers before/after meals or whenever they feel the need to fight germs.

Logo Branded hand sanitizers are effective as marketing tools at offices, conventions, trade shows, meetings, hospitals and clinics. Marketers looking for advertising giveaways at short notice can also opt for the 1 Day Rush offer available with these promotional sanitizing sprays.

customized spray hand sanitizer with logo - Promotional Pen Spray Hand Sanitizer - 1
Customized Pen Spray Hand Sanitizer – AS LOW AS $0.90

1. Pen Spray Hand Sanitizer

This pen-shaped sanitizer comes with a scratch-resistant label that allows you to deploy a four-color-process imprint. The Tuf Gloss™ will ensure that the logo doesn’t fade away for years. This product is available in the following colors – Black, Blue, Burgundy, Clear, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow, Black, Blue, Orange and Red.

customized natural hand sanitizer - low price personal care and beauty tradeshow giveaway item - 2
Spray Sanitizer – Personal Care Giveaway Gift – AS LOW AS $1.19

2. Spray Sanitizer

Compact and smart-looking, this sanitizer can be easily carried around. It is a cute bottle with a pump mechanism. It is available in a clear color. Users will find this product a handy freebie.

personalized health care product for branding - A Non-Alcohol promotional Spray Sanitizer - 3
Non-Alcohol Spray Sanitizer – Low Price Giveaway – AS LOW AS $1.35

3. 1oz Non-Alcohol Spray Sanitizer

This compact sanitizer bottle features pump mechanism to dispense non-alcoholic liquid. It is a quality product that can serve users reliably wherever they are.

low budget promotional health and beauty care product for womens - Non-Alcohol Pen Spray Sanitizer With Logo Imprinted - 4
Non-Alcohol Pen Spray Sanitizer For Branding – AS LOW AS $1.00

4. Non-Alcohol Pen Spray Sanitizer

Featuring a non-alcoholic germ-killing formula, this pen-shaped sanitizer is scratch-resistant and perfect to highlight a brand logo. This product is available in a variety of bright colors.

Contact us for more info on promotional hand sanitizers.

Exciting Padfolios Under $15 For Use As Branded Business Gifts

Modern-day padfolios are a hit with office-goers of all ages. They are sleek, stylish, provide practical functionality and are great to carry around. Apart from their utility value, some people also see padfolios as fashion accessories.

Featured here are custom logo printed padfolios that are a hit with businesses of all sizes. All of them are economical, priced under $15 and can be custom branded and shipped in just 5 working days.

1 - personalized low price zippered padfolio for marketing - classic cheap corporate giveaway gift
Custom Printed Pedova Jr. Zippered Padfolio – AS LOW AS $9.48

1. Pedova Jr. Zippered Padfolio

Featuring a zippered closure and gusseted document pocket, this padfolio is available in a range of exciting colors. Other highlights include a pen loop, 3 business card holders, 2 slots for USB flash drives and an ID window. A writing pad is included.

Manchester Jr Zippered Padfolio – Executive Office Giveaway – AS LOW AS $9.98

2. Manchester Jr Zippered Padfolio

A highlight of this product is the built-in solar calculator. This padfolio has a zippered closure and a writing pad to provide users a quality office experience. Available in black color.

custom imprinted low price Oxford Zippered Tech Padfolio with business logo - cheap writing promotional products
Oxford Zippered Tech Padfolio – Personalized Office Stationery – AS LOW AS $11.98

3. Oxford Zippered Tech Padfolio

This padfolio can easily house tablets such as an iPad or a Kindle Fire. A zippered closure, a front document pocket, a writing pad, slots for business cards and a pen loop are other highlights.

custom promotional Northwest Zippered Padfolio for branding - low price corporate gifts
Northwest Zippered Padfolio With Business Logo – AS LOW AS $12.98

4. Northwest Zippered Padfolio

This compact organizer will help users keep office essentials in a neat and organized manner. It has multiple pockets to store visiting cards and a zippered compartment to hold other essentials. Available colors include Green, Blue and Black.

Place your order online or get in touch with us to learn more about these low priced zippered padfolios.