Want incredible ROI from your direct mail piece? Send it in a miniature mailbox.

Unique mini tin mailbox. Insert promotional materials and use for direct mail.

One of the challenges with sending B2B direct mail pieces is actually getting the recipient to pick it up and read it.  Why not up the ante with this fun, custom-branded mailbox for a chance to really capture their attention.  You’ll have their interest piqued when they receive your package and will get their undivided attention when they look the contents inside.  There are plenty of creative taglines that can be used to tie in your marketing message with this piece.  And as an added bonus,  it’s also a fun desktop item that will keep giving brand impressions day after day.  Perfect for targeted mailers of around 75 – 1,000.  Additional options include:  mailing cartons, candy and insertion of your mail piece – including folding if needed.  Click here to learn more.   Need more creative ideas for your direct mail campaign?  Give one of our brand marketing specialists a call today at 877-804-7906.