10 Customized Gifting Ideas For Geeks

Some promotional campaigns require marketers to be extra creative to connect with their audience. Featured in this article are 10 technology business giveaway ideas designed to pleasantly surprise the geek in all of us.

These gifting ideas are powered by innovation and feature functionality that ensures they will be enjoyed for a long time. Your logo will also be prominently featured on each item suggested here. They are the perfect gifts for geeks who are on top of their game.

Choose one or more of these geeky gifts to launch a memorable campaign at trade shows, meetings, product launches and more.

1. Thinking putty

Highly recommended as a stress reliever, this customizable product gets noticed wherever it is placed. This unique putty will keep hands busy and minds active for geeks. Distribute Thinking Putty among employees or customers to help them spend their free time at work better.

This product is available in a range of visually appealing colors.

custom logo imprinted thinking silly putty a promotional gift for geeks and nerds

2. Puzzle Robot

This robot can serve as a puzzle and wind-up toy and is a popular promotional product for geeks. Users will have fun assembling the robot by punching out pieces from sheets. They can wind up the robot to watch him walk as well.

puzzle robot logo personalized low price fun giveaway gift to boost a geeks intellect

3. Pokket Wireless Mouse

Featuring an innovative design, this wireless mouse has a base made of satin silver. Your logo will be lit up with an LED whenever the mouse is in use. A tech geek will love to receive this computer upgrade as a gift.

This product comes in an attractive gift box.

slim compact pocket wireless mouse with company logo imprinted - branded giveaway gifts for computer geeks and nerds

4. Fooseball Desktop Game

An absolute fun giveaway, this product will be put to use on desks at homes or offices. It is compact and portable, giving users a great time wherever they are. This is a unique gift for geeks to unwind themselves.

fooseball desktop game a fun business giveaway gift for geeks - entertainment recreation game for nerds and geeks

5. Animal Benders

The Duck Bender is a cute-looking stress reliever. It comes along with an impressive barnyard. Users can twist the body into any position to fight stress and spend their free time better.

duck animal bender stress reliever with personalized logo imprinted - custom anti stress gifts for tech geeks and nerds

6. Animal Poppers

The cute Animal Popper shoots a soft foam ball from its belly at the press of a button. This product will divert handy attention towards your brand.

unique fun cow shape ball popper with custom company logo imprinted - personalized logo gifts for women geeks and nerds

7. Elleven Electronics Manager

This product can be used to manage and secure electronic devices, chargers and wires. It’s a handy product that ensures all electronic items are safely kept in one place for later use. Every tech geek needs this product to organize their gadgets and accessories.

electronic gadget accessory organizer trap - customized gadget giveaway gifting product for computer geeks and nerds

8. Farkel Dice Game

Considered to be the world’s best dice game, Farkel is suitable for people of all ages. This addictive game will impress your customers! Your logo can be printed on either the case, the dice or both!

logo personalized custom pocket farkel dice fun game toy for girls - inexpensive gift idea for women geeks and nerds

9. Isotoner Touchscreen Gloves

This glove features a conductive thread on the thumb and index finger to transmit electrical impulses. It provides greater grip and convenience while using touchscreen devices.

smart phone touch gloves with business logo personalization - ideal perfect promotional gift for technology geeks

10. Eleven Amped Checkpoint Friendly backpack

This spacious backpack features several pockets to secure a laptop, documents, bottles and several other personal belongings. It is a technology-friendly bag with slots to store electronic devices.

checkpoint security friendly computer laptop backpack for traveling - logo personalized premium gift ideas for technology geeks

Need more ideas? Contact us today and let us know how we can match you with the best products to appeal to your geeky audience.

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