Unique Custom Rubik’s® Pen – Fun Giveaway For A Memorable Marketing Campaign

Rubik’s cubes have enthralled millions of people around the world for close to 40 years. Popularly known as the world’s best-selling puzzle, the Rubik’s Cube has a certain aura about it that has never diminished over the years.

Custom Rubik’s® Pen With Logo Personalization – AS LOW AS $2.43

Introducing the Rubik’s® Pen

The Rubik’s Pen is an attention grabber! It features cube panels with full-color graphics. This product is sold exclusively for promotional purposes and is not available at retail stores. Each pen comes with a Rubik’s puzzle cap. Users can now beat boredom at work or home by solving the puzzle to unlock the pen!

Sold under license exclusively for promotional use

Order as fast as you can and distribute this product as personalized fun giveaway pens. These puzzle pens with custom business logo are economically priced to fit most marketing budgets. Opt for these unique promotional pens in bulk to launch your next marketing campaign in style!

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Pieceless Puzzle – It’s A Puzzle And A Mousepad

jigsaw puzzle mousepad with custom logo imprinted - Promotional Pieceless Puzzle 5 Square Unique Mousepad
The continuous puzzle mouse pad pulls apart into one piece – so it won”t end up in bits and pieces – AS LOW AS $2.25

Mouse pads used to be one of the top promotional giveaway around a decade ago. Somehow along the years, marketers have left these handy advertising tools off the table (no pun intended) and have moved on to newer ideas. But mousepads still offer tremendous function for users and the need for mousepads has not gone away.

This new puzzle mousepad even goes a step further and combines the stress-relieving pastime component of a puzzle with the added function of a mousepad once the puzzle has been assembled. And it’s a pieceless puzzle so no pieces will be lost along the way.

jigsaw puzzle mousepad with custom logo imprinted - Promotional Pieceless Puzzle 5 Square Unique Mousepad-2
Once you get connected, it can be used as a mouse mat or coaster!

Here are some highlights of this unique puzzle mousepad:

Can function as a mouse pad (or even a coaster)
Jigsaw puzzle mouse pad
Puzzle can be pulled apart without ending up in pieces
Printed in 4 color process
Only 5 days production time
Bulk prices are as low as $2.25

Mousepads are one of the best advertising tools you can have since they offer a huge imprint with full color printing capabilities. Plus they are sit on a users’ desk all day, 5 days a week.

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