Add Your Logo To These Colorful VR Viewers

plastic cheap virtual reality phone glasses
Customized V-Box Virtual Reality Viewers – as low as $2.99

Virtual reality viewers recently hit the market not much more than a year ago.  As each month passes, new designs and styles have been hitting the market.  Google Cardboard was one of the first to be introduced to consumers…and yes, it is made of cardboard.  But since then, we’ve come a long way in a very short time.  

One of the newest styles that we are rather fond of is the V-Box VR Viewers.  The unique, collapsible/expandable design makes it easy to store or take on the go and we really like the bright accent colors.  The simple shape makes it very easy to view and experience virtual reality apps from any smart phone.  Just secure your cell phone to the back of these glasses and you’re ready to experience the 3D world of VR.

Your custom branded logo is printed directly onto the Virtual Reality viewer and can be printed in multiple colors if needed.  The product accent colors include: lime green, red and blue or you can also order them in solid black.  At a price as low as $2.99, you won’t find a much better value out there.

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HCVR Glasses Are Irresistible Technology Giveaways

3D Virtual Reality Glasses with logo imprinted - personalized HCVR Glasses high end technology promotional product - 2
Experience 3D with custom logo printed virtual reality goggles – AS LOW AS $9.69

Virtual Reality (VR) is gaining in popularity like never before. The next decade will witness a huge spurt in demand for gadgets that facilitate VR-based entertainment. That is why we recommend our customers go for personalized HCVR Glasses, a product that provides users with quality 3D entertainment through movies, games and lots more!

custom logo imprinted 3D technology business gifts - unique innovative cool virtual reality gadgets for business marketing and branding - 3
HCVR Glasses – Personalized innovative and unique technology gadget

Use our 3D technology business gifts for an exhilarating marketing campaign

These custom promotional virtual reality goggles are designed to win people over. Use them to get a brand or product noticed. Here are some highlights:

new and fresh technology related personalized branding promotional items - virtual reality goggles with logo customization - 4
Virtual reality goggles – high end technology business branding gift

Can work with most smartphones
Ultra-soft interior lining for comfortable use
Head strap ensures tighter fitting if required
Allows user to get immersed in an exciting VR world
3 days for production
Bulk individual pricing between $9.68 and $9.89

custom promotional virtual reality goggles - HCVR Glasses with logo imprinted - fun 3d business gifts - 1
Logo imprinted virtual reality 3D goggles for technology giveaway

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New! Cobra Virtual Reality Viewer For Cell Phones

3d virtual reality glasses with logo for business promotion the Cobra VR Viewer - 1
Simply start any virtual reality app, insert your phone into the Cobra VR(TM) and look through the lenses to see the virtual world! – AS LOW AS $3.99

Virtual Reality (VR) has always fascinated the human mind. It has come a long way – from humble, theoretical origins in 1938 to Sony’s breakthrough PlayStation VR in 2016.

Consumers are familiar with the concept through virtual headsets. These gadgets take users on a special journey through an imaginary 3D world that never fails to surprise. And now we are looking forward to extend the VR experience to businesses, educational institutions and sports teams looking to connect with their market in a whole new way.

3d virtual reality glasses with logo for business promotion the Cobra VR Viewer - 3
Hundreds of virtual reality apps available for download through the Google Cardboard app, Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Thousands of full 360 degree videos on YouTube’s #360Video channel

Featured here is a unique mobile phone gadget that serves as the perfect 3D promotional product. Get these virtual reality glasses imprinted with a logo to gain maximum appeal for brands.

Here are highlights of this custom VR viewer:

• Experience the power of Virtual Reality right from a cell phone
• Works with any VR app (downloadable from Google Cardboard app, Google Play Store or Apple App Store)
• Mobile devices can directly connect with the Cobra VR
• Fits any size phone
• A Google Cardboard certified product
• Patent pending
• Impressive full color imprint area
• Bulk pricing starts at just $3.99


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