Promotional Products Industry Facts & Insights

Promotional merchandise has proven to be the most powerful & effective marketing tool. In spite of being a traditional marketing medium, promotional products has always been in trend and is the most favorite brand marketing tool for start-ups, small-large businesses, institutions, organizations and non-profits. It is the most cost effective way to promote any type business.

The below gallery features most interesting statistics and facts about the United States gifting industry. These graphical content is created by Brand Spirit and the statistics are derived from PPAI, ASI Central, PromoCan.

promotional products strong advertising medium against television print and online ads - facts and insights


survey reports reveals 73% of people uses promotional products once every week


number of people who uses promotional products daily - survey statistics and reports of effectiveness of custom logo printed gift items


the overall life span of a promotional products is surprising - survey statistics and facts about corporate gifting industry


the total strength of promotional products industry in the united states of america - interesting facts statistics insights and reports


proven to be the most powerful advertising and marketing tool - most effective medium of business advertising cheap and inexpensive


interesting history facts and stats about the promotional products industry in the united states of america


interesting facts and stats about the impact and effectiveness of the promotional products on consumer and advertisers


most interesting consumer and effectiveness facts and stats about the custom printed promotional items


proven and authentic study and survey reports about the use of custom logo printed gift items and its effectiveness in compare to other advertising medium


consumer response to the advertisers of promotional products - interesting corporate gifting industry facts and statistic


consumer facts and stats about advertising - online advertising in comparison to the custom logo printed gift giveaway


university study and survey reports on the promotional products industry in compare to television and other print advertising mediums


facts reveals that giving away custom logo printed promotional products increase the brand interest and impact surprisingly


facts and stats about the use of promotional items with print and television advertising


facts about the effectiveness and impact of using the wall calendars with company logo branding - survey reports on the effectiveness of the promotional items


the power of promotional products as the most effective advertising vehicle - custom printed calendars are the most used branding tool with highest impact


stats about the top and popular industries that make use of custom printed promotional items for their advertising branding and marketing campaigns