Meld Your Logo With Nature With This Leaf Print Camouflage Baseball Hat

promotional embroidered camo camoflauge cap
Leaf Print Camouflage Cotton Twill Hat With Custom Embroidered Logo – from $6.26 – $13.82 each.

The promotional Leaf Print Camouflage Cotton Twill cap will delight just about everyone. Covered in fabric with a touch strap, this cap is very comfortable for everyone to wear. This leaf print camouflage hat with custom logo embroidery includes embroidered graphics on front and side.

Hunters will love this cap because of its camouflage look. They will know they can wear it when they go hunting and still be able to blend in with their surroundings. This sturdy hat is very durable and has a long lifespan to it, so even if someone is tough on hats this one will last them years. It also looks good on everyone. With six panels included on the cap it is very desirable for serious cap collectors and anyone would be proud to add it to their collection.

If you are looking for the perfect customized gift to advertise your business, the Leaf Print Camouflage Cotton Twill cap is the right choice for you. Your colleagues, friends, family and employees will love this cap and be proud to wear it everywhere they go.

Marking a family reunion or other special event with this cap is the perfect way to send people off with a souvenir that will always remind them of when they got it. Having a personalized cap that brings back memories of a family reunion for years to come is something that everyone can cherish. It will serve as a reminder of the love and support a family provides.

Everyone needs a good cap to help keep their head warm in the winter and protected from the sun and these caps are the perfect way for anyone to make that happen.

Click here to learn how you can order these camo hats for your business today.

Have Fun With Your Logo On This Baseball Hat With Tire Tracks

embroidered cap hat with tire tracks
Brushed Heavy Cotton with Tyre Tracks – Customized With Embroidered Logo – priced at $7.16 – $14.72 each.

A fashionable promotional logo hat made of quality material is usually well-received by most individuals.

If the hat features a printed tire track design in addition to a well-placed custom business logo, it becomes even more desirable by those who wish to be affiliated with that business.

This brushed cotton promotional hat featuring tire tracks across the brim and over its top is a perfect item for promoting a business related to the automotive industry. Give it away at automotive conventions or car shows, or distribute it at construction sites and auto body shops in order to spread the word about your business. Your logo can be neatly imprinted on the hat in a place where it is clearly visible and adds to its visual appeal.

This custom-printed hat is made of quality heavy cotton. It is designed to protect the head and face from sun damage or cold winds. Though it is not a winter hat, this potential promotional freebie can retain a degree of warmth when worn, making it useful in cooler weather. This hat can especially come in handy to a person who spends a lot of time outdoors and who is exposed to a varying degree of elements year-round.

Any automotive enthusiast would appreciate this well-made, embroidered hat, so feel free to order enough of them to give several to each person. If the recipient is impressed with the quality and design of the hat, he is likely to give any extra ones to his friends or other associates in his industry. This ensures that your logo is shared once more and your business is further promoted.

Whether yours is a tire company or any other business within the automotive industry, it can surely use a boost in terms of promotion. Free or very affordable promotional tools are the best advertising vehicles. Purchase your brushed heavy cotton hats today.

Custom logo embroidered caps and hats

custom embroidered hats
Custom embroidered garment washed hats  – as low as $7.07 each

Custom logo embroidered hats are one of the best wearable logo’d promotional products that a business can give away.  People tend to keep hats for many years, wearing them as sun protection, during outdoor and indoor activities as well as sometimes event to cover a balding head.

Whatever the use, hats are long-lasting advertising vehicle for any company.

These garment washed caps are made from 100% cotton twill and are unstructured (flexible front panels).  They come standard with a fabric strap in the back with a buckle for size adjustment as well as a tuck in slot.  However, there is the option to also choose either a Leather Backstrap, Plastic Snap Backstrap or Velcro Backstrap.  

In fact, these baseball hats have all kinds of cool optional decorating and customization options to choose from such as 3D embroidery, leather applique, custom inside seam taping and sweatbands, custom pewter emblems and much more.  Click here to view additional product information (once on the product page, click the “options” tab).

And in many situations, free spec samples can be provided by Brand Spirit.  What that means is that you can customize your hat to your heart’s desire (or have us design it for you).  Then you’ll actually get a physical sample, with your design, absolutely free. Contact us to learn more about this special offer.

custom hat inside taping
Custom woven seam taping on inside of hat
custom woven sweat taping
Custom woven sweat taping inside hat
custom leather applique
Custom leather applique adds a sophisticated touch to any hat design
custom 3d embroidery
3D embroidery adds dimension to an embroidered logo