3 Funny Stress Relievers To Highlight Your Brand

Businesses in need of unique stress relievers in bulk will love the stress relievers featured here. Each funny stress reliever with logo customization brings a smile on the recipient’s face, ensuring he/she remembers the advertiser for a long time.

Go through the 3 stress relievers and choose one to highlight your brand. Associating yourself with a natural stress reliever for branding is a good idea because people begin to link a lot of goodwill with your brand. They will remember your brand often while fighting their stress away! All these stress relievers are individually priced in the range of $1.98 to $2.88.

Custom Promotional Funny Happy Mood Dude Stress Reliever - Cool giveaway gifts for logo branding - unique stress balls for business advertising - 1
Happy Mood Dude™ Stress Reliever – Cool Giveaway Gifts – AS LOW AS $1.98

1. Happy Mood Dude™ Stress Reliever

This stress reliever is a happy face with a lot of positive attitude. It can help users fight stress at offices or homes.

Logo Personalized Promotional Shocked Mood Dude Stress Reliever - Emoticon smiley human face stress balls in bulk - custom branding giveaway tradeshow gifts - 2
Shocked Mood Dude™ Stress Reliever – Unique Branding Giveaway – AS LOW AS $1.98

2. Shocked Mood Dude™ Stress Reliever

This stress reliever is a shocked face determined to bring chuckles on everybody’s faces. Users can hope to have a better day at work or home by just staring at this stressed face!

Logo Customized Anxious Mood Dude Pormotional Stress Reliever For Advertising - Low price bulk giveaway gifts - Cheap business items - 3
Anxious Mood Dude™ Stress Reliever – Low Price Marketing Gifts – AS LOW AS $1.98

3. Anxious Mood Dude™ Stress Reliever

This stress reliever is an anxious face capable of helping others feel better. Users will have one look at this face and all life worries will disappear!

Place an order for any of these products online or get in touch with us for more fun giveaway ideas. We will be glad to help you plan for your next marketing campaign.

12 Emoji Squeezies And Plush Toys For Fun-filled Branding

custom personalized promotional emoji Squeez with logo imprinted - smiley emoticon stress balls for business branding and marketing - 1
Wink Emoticon Squeeze With Logo Personalization – RUSH Service, Order today get tomorrow

Computer chats and mobile messaging brought about a revolution in the way we communicate with people. People began to use a lot of smileys or emojis in their conversations. These emojis offer a fun and cute way to communicate, ensuring that participants enjoy the conversation thoroughly. The best part is that emojis can convey a lot instantly. They are more powerful than words!

Over the years, a set of emojis have become popular all over the world. They are the following symbols – Yikes, LOL, ILY, Wink, Happy Face and Mr. Cool. These emojis are easily recognizable and can connect with people immediately. At Brand Spirit, we bring these classic emojis alive through our range of squeezies and plush toys. Let’s explore them in detail.


Our range of squeezies can serve as efficient stress busters. They are durable and can last for years on desks at home or offices, wherever they are used. These yellow giveaways can feature a marketing message to help buyers connect with their intended target audience.

Here is our collection of custom emoji stress balls for you to choose from:

ILY Emoji Squeezies
ILY Emoji Squeezies

Mr Cool Emoji Squeezies
Mr Cool Emoji Squeezies

LOL Emoji Squeezies
LOL Emoji Squeezies

Happy Face Emoji Squeezies
Happy Face Emoji Squeeze

Yikes Emoji Squeezies
Yikes Emoji Squeeze

Wink Wink Emoji Squeezies
Wink Wink Emoji Squeeze


Plush toys

Our range of plush toys is great to hold and own. They offer unique functionality as well. They either come as pouches or keychains.

Here is our collection of plus toys for you to choose from:

Yikes Emoji Plush Keychain

Wink Wink Emoji Plush Pouch

ILY Emoji Plush Pouch

Mr Cool Emoji Plush Keychain

LOL Emoji Plush Keychain

Happy Face Emoji Plush Keychain


Did you like any of these products? Order online or contact us to purchase our personalized emoji stress relievers. Or go for the emoji plush keychains with logo. Let us know if you are confused. We can provide you with necessary insights.