This Fitness Tracker Does More Than Just Providing Exercising Data!

cool executive fitness tracking fashionable wristbands with custom logo - Fitness Tracker Bracelet by Brand Spirit-1
Personalized Executive Fitness Tracker Bracelet – AS LOW AS $29.99

“Stylish”, “Innovative” and “Informative” are some of the diverse words that aptly describe the Executive Fitness Tracker Bracelet! It’s a sleek-looking bracelet that offers a whole bouquet of features to aid fitness enthusiasts.

Available in an elegant black color, these personalized fitness wristbands aim to take fitness and marketing experiences to newer heights. The Executive Fitness Tracker Bracelet can be worn around a wrist or fitted with a carabiner for extra mobility.

This product’s USP is its looks – a large segment of the population will love to own and use it!

Available with 5 built-in modes.

stylish fitness tracking promotional bracelet for branding - Fitness Tracker Bracelet by Brand Spirit-2
Black color fitness tracker bracelet – latest technology gift item

This fitness tracker bracelet features exciting modes such as Calorie, Sleep, Distance, Goal and Step. It offers comprehensive functionality that helps exercisers stay firmly on the path to fitness excellence.

It’s compatible with Android and iOS versions and connects to a smart phone via Blutooth. An anti-loss alarm helps prevent theft or loss. Fitness progress can be tracked via a phone app for up to 7 days.

custom health wristbands for business promotion - Fitness Tracker Bracelet black color by Brand Spirit-3
Fashionable and trending personalized health bracelet

Your logo will be pad printed on this product. Each bracelet comes in a tuck box for extra gift giving impact. We will help to make these custom printed fitness bracelets truly yours. Available with bulk discounts, these exercise trackers will spearhead your branded gift project that targets executives regardless of their age.

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Fitness Tracker Sports Bracelet: The Perfect Health-Themed Giveaway

The Fitness Tracker Sports Bracelet is the perfect branded gift product for gyms. It can also be used to drive fitness-themed marketing campaigns at businesses and universities.

Recognized as a sophisticated fitness product, this trendy bracelet will help users stay on top of their fitness schedules.

High on functionality and usability

The Fitness Tracker Sports Bracelet is portable and can be easily worn outdoors. Apart from helping users make a fashion statement on wrists, these bracelets will motivate them to reach their fitness goals.

This bracelet comes with 4 modes: Pedometer, Speed, Calorie and Mileage. It stores data to help users analyze the efforts put in by them. Bluetooth technology can be used to connect this bracelet with a smartphone to transfer fitness data.

The imprint method used will be Pad Print. Your logo will be highlighted on these black bracelets. A well-packed tuck box accompanies the bracelet. Bulk prices start at just $36.99.

Need more ideas on promotional products for fitness campaigns? Contact us directly for additional gift suggestions today.

Promote health and fitness with custom imprinted exercise bands

fitness resistance bands with logo imprinted
promotional exercise resistance bands – as low as $3.35 each

Physical activity is an essential component to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Businesses can promote a healthy living AND gain new business with these custom printed exercise resistance bands. We especially like this style because the center panel offers ample imprint area of 2″W x 1/2″H, giving your logo maximum visibility.

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Here’s a step-by-step outline for how to use these fitness resistance bands as promotional vehicles to win new business: 

  1. Put together a mailing list of key prospects.
  2. Create a printed marketing piece that ties in the exercise bands to your company offerings such as “Strengthen your bottom line with….”  or “Build your marketing muscle with….” or “It’s time to get in shape with…” .  You get the idea right?  The possibilities are endless.  Don’t forget to add a “call to action” such as: how to sign up for a demo of your service, how to book an appointment, a limited-time discount offer, etc.
  3. Order your custom printed promotional exercise bands.
  4. Put the marketing mailer together and ship out to a handful of prospects each day so that follow up is manageable and can take place in a timely fashion.
  5. Have your sales people follow up on your mailer 2-3 days after it has arrived.  Sales people should start the conversation off by asking the prospect if they received the package.  This is a great way to begin with a warm intro….which leads into a great conversation, more booked appointments and more business!

Its a gem of an exercise band!

Whether you are in a marketing role for a healthcare company, a financial services business, a consulting firm or any other industry, these fitness resistance bands can be a fantastic promotional vehicle to win new business.  At Brand Spirit, we are always happy to help with creative suggestions for your next promotional marketing campaign and are just a phone call or email away.