Your Logo Will Make A Permanent Impression With This Customized Leather Photo Album

Machine-Sewn Brag Book Photo Album
Customized Leather Photo Album – as low as $17.75 – $22.49

Beautiful, hand-stitched  items are always perfect candidates for meaningful gifts, as the quality and the personal touch never fails  to resonate well with the gifts’ recipients. This elegant personalized leather photo album is worthy of containing the recipients’ most precious memories captured by camera. Why not offer it as an executive gift to your most valuable employees? In fact, since this album can be custom-branded, it can also be given to prospective clients and other business associates with confidence.

A leather album with hand-sewn stitching is guaranteed to be a unique gift. Though you may purchase these albums in bulk with your custom log on it, each one will be a bit different from the others, since stitching done by hand can never be replicated exactly. An authentic touch is key in a great executive gift, and the hand-sewn stitching coupled with your unique logo  clearly engraved on the front establish this authenticity well.

This custom-branded album is available in five highly appealing colors leather tones. You can order your personalized leather photo albums in black, buckskin, burgundy, dark brown and saddle. Each hue is pleasantly distinguished, and each one appeals to a variety of tastes and preferences.

The album features room for 36 standard-size photos. If you wish to further customize your executive gift, offer the album with several hand-picked photos that symbolize strong points within your company. Whether the recipients choose to keep such photos in their personalize leather photo albums or replace them with  other pictures, the statement of company pride is impressed upon them with  the gesture.

Engraving your logo on a high-quality product such as this custom-branded leather album will speak to the fact that your business represents high standards and values its employees. Buy these Brag Book albums in bulk today. Your employees will be grateful, which in turn will impact your business in a positive manner.

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